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  1. IE 5, I think. Or could have been IE 6. But it took my only 2-3 days to find out how much Firefox rocked and switched over to it. So, I don't think IE counts.
  2. I win the prize for the slowest internet connection. And I pay $20 a month for that!
  3. Girish


    Awesome. 9/10. I have Vista Ultimate x86 SP2 and I haven't had a single issue with it or any applications or games ever since I installed it back in November 2008. There's no reason for me to go back to XP or even try Windows 7, ATM.
  4. The only cheats that could possibly mess up your savegame are the 'Riot' and 'Peds attack each other' cheat. These cheats cannot be disabled and saving the game with these cheats on will interfere with the gameplay causing you to fail certain missions and thus, stalling your progress.
  5. Did you just cunningly advertise your website? Boy, you're a smart one. Just a fact - shoutboxes never work for huge forums with member count in excess of 10,000 or so. Apart from the spam factor, there will be so many shouts simultaneously that most of them will get buried under the newer shouts, thus, defeating the purpose of a shoutbox.
  6. Rather than blatantly defending GTAF, I'm speaking from what I have seen in the past 3 years. I can assure you from my side that it is nothing like you're imagining it to be. Of course, it could have been a different story before that. We had members revolting against Cerbera and Demarest when they were global mods, which ultimately led to the de-modding of Cerbera and banning of Demarest. But those were the only hiccups to ever occur on the staff side. It's pretty difficult to judge people on the internet, isn't it? As has been said, moderating a forum of such a huge size is a hectic job and probably, the most unthankful jobs on the internet ever! I myself tend to lose my cool quite a few times in the SA forums when people continue to post modding related topics in there inspite of the big bold letters at the top of the page that clearly say 'Modding questions belong in the modding forums!'. So, you can only imagine what the global mods have to go through when some shithead decides he is too important to follow the rules. Even then, like a democracy, second chances are given. But prepubescent kids with inflated egos rarely understand the ethics of the forum. And seriously, you have to be too stupid to get yourself banned on an internet forum.
  7. Nice. Just like we did... 3 years ago? After an overhaul of our rules and staffing, we changed everything from a free-for-all banfest into a society where members earned respect and everyone was dealt with fairly. No double standards, no bad days.I'm really impressed when our staff realise they're having a bad day, or realise they're getting angry at someone, and they step back and hand over to someone else. It's far too easy just to go psycho on someone that's annoying you, but it shows real maturity to admit you're not in the best position and be able to step back. Our staff also have the option to temporarily suspend someone until an Admin is available to deal with the problem fully (whether it be a warning, suspension or ban). And you think the staff at GTAF doesn't do that? That's pretty ignorant, tbh. Almost every forum has moderators with similar mentality. If not, they wouldn't be chosen as moderators in the first place. Oh that's reassuring! Sounds like they have some good staff. Hiring ex-cons might explain the harshness of the moderators there... Ex-cons? The only member I can think of that fits that criteria is Demarest. And that was hell of a long time back. Not to mention, on a forum of GTAF's size, such members are bound to appear. Even then, he was a damn good modder. . Time after time we get members coming here complaining of unfair treatment. It's been happening for years, and there are loads of independent topics about it. That's not just a happy coincidence, that's a steady stream of overzealous moderating.As for allowing someone to stay given that many warnings, that's equally bad moderating. I don't know what political detail there was to his incident, but he was treated very differently to the average member. And by allowing him to stay, it looks like you allowed a lot of damage to happen. A long-term suspension (eg a month, 3 months) usually does the trick in these situations - which we sometimes do to very active members (eg Connor/Twisted). I think you missed my point. I was pointing at the fact that he was allowed to stay on despite that many warnings because most of them were minor offences. The final banning was only the cumulative result of those previous warnings. This was in reply to all those people who were saying they got banned for bumping a topic, which is ridiculous as I have never seen that happen in my 3 years over there. And yes, I have seen few of those topics. Do you really think they presented a fair point of view as to why they were banned? You have people complaining about getting banned for bumping topics and having oversized signatures. C'mon, it doesn't take rocket science to understand that they're lying. As for long term suspension, I myself know a few members (few of official gangs) who have served month long suspensions. So, that is not a rarity on GTAF either. It is handed out fairly when verbal warnings cease to serve the purpose.
  8. That only helps if you have a dynamic IP. And just as a side note to Undercover, even dynamic IPs need not necessarily help you evade bans. There are other ways of finding out.
  9. Err, it is. How do you think I would have obtained it then? You've linked to his profile; just click on the thumbnail image inside the green box.
  10. That's what I was hinting at; the 'unfair' part. You don't get banned for bumping a topic or even flaming someone. It always starts with a reminder or a verbal warning. It's only when you start repeating the same things that you got warned for earlier is when you get temp banned. And if you still continue in the same vein, then it's a perma ban. If I'm not wrong, I think that is how it works over here too. I think most of you guys are just bitter because you got warned/banned for something that you thought was appropriate. But that's not how the internet works, is it? Every forum has its own set of rules and if you break them, you're liable to get warned or banned. For example, if supporting GTAF is against the rules over here and if I get banned for it, I won't be complaining elsewhere because I clearly broke the rules then. The fact of the matter is that even though you can argue what is fair and what is not, this is not a democracy and every forum has a right to have rules that seem more suited to that forum, from the administrative point of view obviously. I'm not sure but if some of you guys come from the Demarest/Cerbera era, then I can understand why you feel cheated. Both of them abused their powers and were rightfully demoted. Other than that, there have been no hiccups so I don't think that any of the bans after that are not justifiable. Edit: Lazlowrocks. was an idiot and that is why his member log has been put in his signature so that everyone can witness his idiocy.
  11. Why, thank you. Your ignorance is dripping like water from my broken tap. And talking about member logs;
  12. Not really. The best of the best topics are pinned and even if some are not, they don't fall off the first page or two because someone or the other keeps bumping them. Also, shitty members are a part and parcel of every forum. You must have quite a few of them here too. Considering the sheer size of GTAF, there are more shitty members over there. But they are dealt with appropriately. And I'm not sure why you guys feel the mods over there are unjust. They have to abide by the rules coz they have the admins to answer to. And just recently, the unbanning ability of the mods was taken away for a more transparent moderating. Now, mods can only ban people but only admins can unban someone. Also, I have 1 reminder and 3 warnings on GTAF and I'm still on the staff team. Beat that, fuckers.
  13. Are you sure you killed ? Check you phonebook and see if you have Dwayne on the list.
  14. Have you tried running the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode?
  15. Sorry, but you do not have the right to do so. If the disc was damaged, then it's your fault you didn't handle it properly. Just buy the game again and you won't have any problems.
  16. Are you kidding me? That file is 1.02 GB in size. No one in their right mind will upload a 1 GB file for you. You're better off buying the game again.
  17. I don't exactly understand what you mean there. Do you get an error when you try to uninstall the game or when you try to install mods? Note that mods will work only on a v1 copy of the game. If you have v2, you'll need to apply a downgrader patch before you can mod your game. Google for more info on it.
  18. If you want to get rid of the v1.01 patch, all you gotta do is reinstall the game and you'll be back to your original v1 game. That makes sense, but downgrading with a patch would be less of a hassle than re-installing the game I have never heard of anyone using a downgrader on a v1.01 exe. Isn't a downgrader supposed to work only on a v2 exe?
  19. If you want to get rid of the v1.01 patch, all you gotta do is reinstall the game and you'll be back to your original v1 game.
  20. It'll show up only if you've v1.01 or v2. If nothing shows up, it means you've v1.
  21. You don't need a downgrader for a v1 game; it is already moddable. A v2 game has to be downgraded if you want to use mods. Also note that downgrading a v2 game does not mean that it becomes v1; it just makes your game moddable. Your game will still be v2 and you'll need to use v2 savefiles only.
  22. To get some more fps out of the game, you can also turn off sound acceleration. Start > Run > Type 'dxdiag' > OK > Sound > Slide the acceleration bar to the left. Note that this might cause audio lag in cutscenes.
  23. What version of the game do you have? If you've v1, you'll need to download v1 savefiles only. If you've v2, then only v2 savefiles will work. Also, note that if you've v2 and you've downgraded your game, it does not mean that your game is v1. You'll still need to use v2 savefiles only.
  24. More than 4 years and people still believe in this shit...
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