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  1. TonyB

    Man sentenced who leaked San Andreas

    i bet he'd be in jail if they had some hard evidence.
  2. TonyB

    Microsoft or Mac

    yay linux.
  3. TonyB

    Official: No More Hot Coffee Patch

    they make hot coffe look like one of those self-spreading viruses "How do I ensure that my game is "Hot Coffee" proof?" not the best choice in words..... the way ppl go crazy about 'hot coffee' reminds me of how ppl go totaly insane over a pop-up ad saying it will give them tons of spyware and steal their identiy.....
  4. TonyB

    Tommy V or CJ

    ..im itilalian...so...i like Tommy Verciti.. (yes Tony is my real name, and B is my real last initional...am i the only one stupid enough to use real name)
  5. TonyB

    San Andreas banned in Australia

    ...in the US..its like almost banned......i already have it, but like, no stores want to sell an AO game.... whenever i happen to be in a store, its not there.......its basicly banned from stores...
  6. TonyB

    San Andreas kicked out of the store

    Actually, AO is 18, and M is 17, the real problem seems that stores have a "policy" preventing them from selling AO games. also there is a "sex.scm" in scripts.img......kinda hard to miss........ also, they should have put somthing similar to the "Game Experience May Change During Online Play" thats on online games, somthing like "Game Experience May Change Due To Modifacitons" but, put the code there.
  7. TonyB

    San Andreas kicked out of the store

    whats the difference between M and AO anyway? is it just that AO Sounds Bad..... don't you have to be 18 to buy ethier of them? why is hillary and everyone making a big deal over a little slip-up by the devs, why don't they just make a patch, and start selling that one instead stupid hillary
  8. TonyB

    San Andreas kicked out of the store

    its not like M for mature means M for small children. also, in their original idea of making it so it cant be modified, isn't that like saying "we'll leave our easter eggs there, we'll just hide them better" lets hope this "patch" has a fixed offset for memory addresses, like in VC, otherwise MTA, SA-MP, and sevral others (including myself) are gonna be banging their heads into the walls.