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    posto dove per questi yankee gay รจ pieno di mafia

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  1. yes but the san andreas state isnt big liek a real fuckin state, i live in sardinia and the main city here is bigger than san andreas.
  2. Hey genius, next time try putting up a download I can actually use, mmkay? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it works, big boy.
  3. that's why.You can't even be sure that hes mute. Also, in the video he talks. And i repeat, if you are mute you cant emit even a fuckin grunt. Maybe I'm stupid, but you are a yankee si cazzo guarda ce lo vedo proprio un muto figlio di puttana che si mette a fare il criminale.
  4. am i talking german? Italian? CHINESE? Do you read my frolicking posts? if youre mute you cant emit any frolicking type of sound,even a motherfucking grunt. I already said that cj says hes mute because he hasnt seen him talking, say snake without a tongue is only an original way to say "mute". Catalina some missions before that he frolicking calls you having sex with claude speed, calls cj thinking to speaking with claude. Do you understand now? e porco dio di merda figlio di puttana stronzo mo mi stai facendo incazzare.
  5. the first time she calls she isnt having sex. She says something like "claude i love you, you gotta big cock" etc..but she called cj because she got the wrong number. Cj calls him mute because he hasnt spoke when he was in front of him. if he says ooh or aah that means that he can talk.
  6. ahahah those answers make me laugh
  7. damn,think before writing this pointless things. Carl only saw that he doesnt talk, he doesnt know if hes really mute, he only supposed it. As i said before watch the goddam video...youll see that he can talk. And i repeat: why would Catalina call him at the phone if hes fuckin' mute?
  8. watch the video, at the end it says that he's claude speed. And that video is the intro of gta2.
  9. autctually, Ceasar'sgang attack you <{POST_SNAPBACK}> First of all, you clueless retard, Spaz said one post above yours that the abilities CJ has in SA like recruiting gang members and stuff is part of the game, and if Tommy was the man in SA, he could gain all that muscle too, so you can't choose CJ because of that reason. More health then him? Again, this is a San Andreas specific ability, but 100% VC completion is worth Tommy getting 250 health and 250 armor. Oh, and you frolicking retard, the people on Ken/Kent Paul's side are THE MAFIA including Salvatore because Tommy killed a Forelli, the family that Leone's hate, so the most powerful gang in the world is on Tommy's side, so that's worth both GSG families and Cesar's gang. Also, Tommy has the bikers on his side, as you said, plus, the thing you most neglected to mention, Tommy has the support of the Cubans. So sit down, shut up, and munch on some pWn3D pie! Oh, and Tommy is the better character, more badass, didn't take shit from anybody, but still has a lite size. Instead of Carl's lines like "I'm rich and f*ckin' crazy!" he says stuff like "You've got insurance so don't be a prick!" Sorry, Tommy is a funny guy (funnier than CJ) so I chose Tommy. CJ's cool, but Tommy is cool. 1. Tommy 2. {Tie} CJ, Claude <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i laugh when people disses them for videogames and other ridicolous shit.
  10. watch this http://www.rockstargames.com/gta2/download/Gta2.zip
  11. another cool place can be one of the brazilian favelas
  12. the Naples one isn't Mafia, its name is Camorra and its do unorganized, thats why there are lots of power battles into it. Silvio Berlusconi is only an incompetent motherfucker and his laws are comfortable for the mafia, thats why all the votes in sicily are for him, i dont want to spend another word for that piece of shit. I'm so sure that us. and asian metropolis are more risky than any italian city.
  13. no interiors? gently caress.
  14. as i said before, hes not mute.
  15. You're right, but you're a little off-track. The reasoning behind the no speaking is because he is suppose to be you. YOUR thoughts, YOUR attitude, YOUR voice. Read the back of the boxart, he is always mentioned as YOU. BTW, how do you even know that he's in GTA2? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> like gordon freeman.
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