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  1. foctavian1

    Taxi Driver

    try to drive around places with crowds - i mean crowds that u can see from ur taxi. try to drive slowly around them - in beaches or the strip in LV. make sure u keep ur eyes in the radar as the blue dots of any passenger might come n go so fast..
  2. foctavian1

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    Q#005- When will i get to Las Venturas? Which mission, whose? i am still avoiding the Zero RC mission #2 but i could still open LV. the first mission is from that guy in some agency..i forgot..called to visit his ranch. but all safehouses in LV are still red eventhough they r green in other parts of the island..
  3. foctavian1

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    - more civilized cops (we crashed, we are wrong - they crashed, they r right) - more unique stunts and dramatic jumps.. - more aerial missions - ability to save graphics and movies - and... hehehe... naughty mode:on ...more classy erotic scene.. (not just oh..ah and bang type..). after all this onez a mature game...
  4. foctavian1

    Zero RC - Supply Lines ...

    i agree that this mission is one of the toughest. i give 10/10 for it. im avoiding the mission since i can still open LV for finishing other missions first. suggestions...maybe we should vote for the toughest mission for SA? how bout it moderator?
  5. foctavian1

    "wrong side of the tracks" help

    ya agree.. bs sucks! i just drove the cycle in line with the locomotive and try not too far from it on the right side. but it would help a lot if u could kill at least 1 or 2 guys before the first corner..
  6. foctavian1

    using cheat couldnt complete the game 100%

    meaning that i could still use the mods/trainers to complete it to 100%? well... that helps a lot. thanx man..
  7. just wanna confirm this - as i read about this partially in the forum, using cheat means that i couldnt save and finish the game to 100% completion? how about the use of mod or trainer? will they have the same effect? someone plz confirm this...