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    What cars would you like to see modded?

    05 Lambo Concept S: 04 Pagani Zonda C12 S Monza: 01 Porsche Carrera GT: 04 Maserati MC12: 04 Koenigsegg CCR: 04 Lotus Exige: 05 Spyker C12 Spyder: 98 Mclaren F1 LM Edition: Ferrari FXX: I'm not asking for all or any of these...just offering inspiration.
  2. KillerBug

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    How about a Lotus Elise or Porsche 968? Scratch that...see below:
  3. KillerBug

    San Andreas BUGs

    I cought a couple of bugs... ...anyone wanna make a jetbike mod?
  4. KillerBug

    Where is there a DFF guide?

    I want to learn to edit and convert DFF files so I can put Kaneda's Bike from Vice Ciry into San Andreas. Does anyone know where there is a good guide?
  5. KillerBug

    Modded Vehicles

    It's a glitch that all the options are there, I have about 30 modded vehicles rolling around, and about all I can do is wheels, hydraulics, colors, and nitro. If you want to remove the option to do a mod that will crash the game, you can use GTASA-Ultimate Editor to edit the mod garage.
  6. KillerBug

    Mod Request Thread

    Someone, plz...Kaneda's Bike! The model already exists for Vicy City...it just needs conversion and a good handling file.