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    i like video games and airsoft wars.btw my xbl gametag is right but i have the three red ring glitch so it doesn't turn on.<br />if anyones interested i would like a stubbs the zombie skin for gta vice city.
  1. supernukembros.

    mod request

    ok i need someone to make this mod if possible,i swear i won't ask anyone how to install it.i figured out how.
  2. supernukembros.

    Vice City Trivia

    freeway,sanchez,pcg 600,angel name all the special qualities diaz' admiral car has
  3. supernukembros.

    Claude, Tommy, Victor, CJ, or Toni

    1.tommy 2.niko 3.claude 4.toni 5.victor 6.cj
  4. supernukembros.

    Don't you find it strange?

    ^then you would drown.
  5. How is THIS spamming??? QUEM PODE MANDA COMO FAZER ESSE CARRO FICAR PRETO SO MANDAR UM TOPICO!!!! WHO CAN ORDERS AS TO MAKE THIS CAR TO BE BLACK ALONE TO ORDER A TOPIC! i agree,if he dosen't speak english,you don't have to be mean to him.
  6. supernukembros.

    IMG tool 2.0, help needed

    i can't use it either.
  7. supernukembros.

    What's up with GTA: Back To The Future?

    if it's so boring then uninstall it.
  8. supernukembros.

    mod request

  9. so what would happen if tommy,claude,niko,and cj got into a bar fight(have a sense of humor people)?
  10. supernukembros.

    drowned man

    i've seen that!!i thought it was just my imagination...if your looking for him try looking near all the rocks in the ocean,thats where i found him.cReEpY
  11. supernukembros.

    mod request

    ok,i need a skin of the doom marine from the orginal doom game,and i would also like a weapon mod to make the rocket launcher a bfg 9000(also i have a few more mod requests,check my profile to see them).
  12. supernukembros.


    hmmmm,never heard of that mod before.sounds cool though.did you try this sites database? what exactly are you saying?
  13. supernukembros.

    quick question

  14. supernukembros.

    Tommi Vercetti or Claude?Why?

    hell yeah! the game lacks personality when claude just beats the crap outta people without making a coment about them being freakishly weak or calling them a name.
  15. supernukembros.

    who would of thought?

    finally someone understands why i made this thread!