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  1. Are you mad?To buy a PSP only to play VCS?
  2. I like the police car too but i will stik with the blista compact.
  3. For now. Maybe samwwere in the future...
  4. I went this month samewere and we i've return i saw more details of GTA VCS but the main problem to me is : It will be on PC to?
  5. da poti sa adaugi Dacia 1300&1310 in GTA3.Iti trebie IMG Tool.
  6. I am active!And i was having the sme problem on GTA3.
  7. Mee to.si eu.Care e id de mess al tau?
  8. After watcing some gangster movie ,i said to my self:"Wy they didn/t make a movie based on GTA?"
  9. I like the street clotes becase they are suited for Vice City.After plaing Vice City I've got iven a hawaian shirt.
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