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  1. Does anyone know how to go about changing the weapon a gang uses? Or even were to start? Thanks
  2. You're not screwed mate. It's just the tool you're using. IMG Tool wants you to replace a file with the same file size. Use ImgEd instead for this mod, it will let you replace with different file sizes. http://www.gtagaming.com/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=149 It should work now.
  3. Yeah, I don't know how, but I got it to work. I posted a new thread and got yelled at (I didn't see the tutorial request sticky ) I then posted in that thread, but it's one of those threads that was a really good idea at the beggining, but it died down a lot and none of the modders check it anymore. (There's like 14 pages or something, lol) Here (at the bottom) I guess I'm back to square one. :'( Thanks though mate
  4. Map Look at the south east part of the west island. There is a rocket launcher there.
  5. Yeah, that's what I did the first time, but my computer crashed and I just did the mission again today. I wanted to see where they were heading so I followed them. All of a sudden they stoped.
  6. I did this mission a bit differently than you people are suggesting. Just jog allong side of the tank on the sidewalk for awhile, the army stops at a doughnut shop. The officer in charge yells "Go get some doughnuts soldier!" and the driver of the tank gets out and runs into the store. Then simply run up to the tank and get in. Any vehicle you make contact with blows up, so getting out of the line and into the garage is a peice of cake. Good luck mate.
  7. I suggest: Make sure that it is in C:\Program Files\vcmm\mods\vcm Make sure that it is a vcmm file (.vcm) Where is the mod? I'll see if I can get it to work.
  8. I was going to post there to, that was my origional plan, to post both places. Theonly problem is, I can't log in! I am a member there, (guess what my name there is..... .... ) but my password won't work. I went to the 'forgot password' form and filled that out. When I recieved the email and went to the link to make my new password, it yells at me after I try. It says that the "Validation Key is incorrect for this member". I'd talk to an admin or a mod, but I can't get the contact info unless I'm logged in! Thanks though mate
  9. Lol, no, not that. You put a colon after Grand Theft Auto
  10. Ok, it's all better now. I did what you said, but that didn't fix it. (fyi, there is no ':' in the directory name, colons aren't allowed in folder/file names ) After I reinstalled I tried it again, and nothing was changed. I about took a bat to my tower. (Which will break first, my hand, or the monitor? ) I restarted wondering if that would help. When I started VC again, I accidently started a new game instead of loading my file (which I had been loading everytime.) I was too lazy to load my game now, so I checked if it was fixed on the new file. It was! I drove right over the bridge, not noticing that I was where I should be checking. I thought for a moment, and loaded my save game, it was jacked up again! Turns out that it was a save game corruption (however that happend... ) Thanks for your help though mate
  11. Hi, I have a problem. There is a bridge in washington beach that is just jacked up for me. It's near the construction area where the demolition man mission is. Anyway, this bridge has no collison! There is a dark area, on the entire bridge in the middle that you fall right through. I die in the water everytime. I first found out about this when I was in a hurry to drop off a taxi passenger. Another very weird thing: Right above the entire bridge, there is a HUGE replica of the building you blow up in demolition man's mission glass, but the model is for after you blow it up. It has the convexed holes in it. There is no collison on the glass either. When I went to check the origional building, it's like it was never blown up! I have uploaded 8 screenshots to give you a better idea on what I'm talking about. Please look at them all. http://s94.photobucket.com/albums/l106/bricemanGTAhelp/ I have reinstalled the maps, and nothing changed. Any ideas? HELP ME PLEASE!!!! Thank You in advance!
  12. briceman92


    I too have been wondering that. The link below says it gives you the download zip, but I'm getting no response from the site. http://www.gtagaming.com/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=400 I don't know why it's down, I still get relpies when I ping the site.
  13. Hi all. I, like many people, am extreamly interested in making my own mods. I have attemped modding several times before, but it seems that the only things I can edit without getting an error message, followed by a game crash, are skins and txd files. I roughly understand what each type of file does, and have downloaded several recommended tools (ZModeler2, 3ds Max 8, TXDworkshop, IMGed/IMGtool, ColEditor, MooMapper). I understand the .col files handle collisions, .dff files are the models, and that .txd files are the textures. After downloading the tools and figureing that out, I stared at my monitor and said "Now what?" I came across THIS tutorial for map editing, and I have been successful at that. I do however want to mod weapons and cars. I have ideas, but I can't excute them. Everytime I edit a .dff file and load it into gta3.img, my game crashes. When I download mods, they work just fine. I've also been wondering, why do you have to create a .col file if the mods I download only have .txd and .dff? Do you have to create a .col file? Ok, I'm sure that you are sick of reading my rant, so I'll get to the point. I would love if someone could write a tutorial for making a car mod. Not just for me, but for everyone here. (It would stop all of the "HOW DO U MAKE TEH MODS?!!1!1!?" threads...) I would much appreciate it if the tutorial would walk the reader through the entire proccess, from scratch, like they had never even heard of modding. I am hoping that it will include modeling, texturing, and of course, making the mod work. (And if anyone would like to go the extra mile, everyone loves screenshots.... ) Somebody taught you, isn't it only fair that you pass the knollege along? Pleeeeeeeease??? I will eternaly love you if you help me with this. Thank you so much in advance, ~Briceman
  14. >Fraps (free, older but working version) >GXT Editor >Windows Movie Maker (comes with XP) -----Optional----- >Sony Vegas 6 >Audacity >TXD Editor (for mod installation) >Skins (If you want to use some made by other people) >Photoshop CS2 There you go mate
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