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  1. Those are dff's... They are correct though, but I don't really know what txd's are supposed to belong to em... Thanx so far!
  2. I know that, just an example of what I want to do. I posted the same question on another forum, and I got lots of replies that basicly told me how to spawn cars... I don't want that. I just need to know where to find the txd for the export board.
  3. Does anybody know what texture I need to edit to change the car names on the export board? It's quite a bitch searching for a stallion when it's modded to Ford Mustang or something. Any one?
  4. No problems here... Version1.1 Just run it in win7 ultimate, no compatibility modes. I get the colourscheme message, and it wont show the starting movie....(see if I care...) I don't use cleo mods though.
  5. Huntley-LandRover County Classic '90 Landstalker-Chevrolet Suburban '86 Rancher-Ford Bronco 80-s Esperanto-Buick Riviera '70 Moonbeam-Chevrolet Lumina '91 Greenwoo-OldsMobile Cutlass '85 Sabre-Dodge Charger '69 Clover-Plymouth Cuda '70 Buffalo-Chevrolet Camaro '89 Phoenix-Pontiac Trans-Am '81 Walton-Chevrolet C-10 '66 Tampa-Chevrolet Nova '70 Towtruck-Chevrolet C-20 '66 towtruck Utility-GMC utility truck
  6. I suggest you instal it cleanly, copy it, rename to GTASA-Modded or something and keep 1 istallation clean. So you always have the original files at hand. Works for me.
  7. Damn... the map viewer doesn't work for me. I run into abnormal program terminations... Can anyone just tell me what txd the exportboard is located? thnx already.
  8. @ the viking... Here's an old opel Rekord: http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...amp;download=go
  9. Right... Thanx for the maptool link. I'm givin' it a go.
  10. @ urbanoutlaw. Thanx for the enormous amount of info. Although I just want to edit the names on the board, so I need to know what the damn TXD is called I searched numerous times, but I just can't find it. Anyone?
  11. I've got some... Acura NSX Aston Martin Vantage BMW 316i BMW 318i Touring Buick Riviera Chevrolet Belair Cabbie Chevrolet c-10 Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Chevrolet Caprice Chevrolet Caprice LSPD Chevrolet Caprice Taxi Chevrolet Chevelle Chevrolet El Camino Chevrolet Impala Chevrolet Lumina Chevrolet Monte Carlo Chevrolet Nova Chevrolet Suburban Chrysler Dynasty Dodge Charger Dodge Prospector Ferrari Testarossa Ford Crown Ford F-150 Ford Falcon "MadMax" Ford GT40 Ford Mustang Sandroadster (for BF Injection) Ford Taurus GMC Siera GMC Utility Honda Civic Honda CRX Honda Prelude Jeep Cherokee Jeep Wrangler Lamborghini Countach Landrover County Lincoln Continental Mercedes Benz 230 Mercedes Benz 280 Mercury Marquis Oldsmobile Cutlass Plymouth Cuda (HEMI!) Pontiac GTO Pontiac Le Mans Pontiac Trans-Am '67 Pontiac Trans-Am '77 Pontiac Trans-Am '81 Porsche 911 Porsche 928 Renault Laguna '94 (my own car) Shelby Mustang Volkswagen T1 samba van Volvo 850GLT Volkswagen Golf I Bikes... Nice BMX Ducati 916 Harley Fatboy (for Wayfarer) Honda CBR 600RR Fireblade Kawasaki ZX-6R Suzuki GSXR and all weapons replaced (mostly made by Grimm) all torso clothing replaced (all my own making, check my skinpack in downloads!) Some interior alterings (pictures, posters, books etc) Only crashes when quiting game. that's about it.
  12. You need to alter the handling.cfg file, in your dat map. It's not that hard. There are also tons of editors for it as well. I use this one ftp://ftp.planet-multiplayer.de/sites/the...imateEditor.zip
  13. I don't mind the work...I just can't find em.
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