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    Im sad.... Because of the ending

    but at the same time when niko finally finds the woman he wants to be with she is taken away, either her choice, from deal or dying , hell it was me i would feel the same way, losing someone when you finally find that she is the one you want to be with, how would that make anyone feel???
  2. jdpsp

    What do you hate about IV..?

    it just seems like R* didn't take there time even tho they worked on it for 4 years, i mean there's alot of things they could have done to make it better, they didn't have the slienced pistol or something of an option for it, there's nothing in there to show that sal was even there or joey leone, claude,cj, just the writing on the wall at the first safehouse, it would have been cool to see some of the old places in liberty city,but nothing there to show, oohwell, it is still a great game, i have it for the ps3