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  1. Well i would be ALOT happier if they were both released on PS3 lmaooo
  2. Cruciate Ligament...Surgery Woooo :'(

  3. Oh sorry never watched the video..good job (:
  4. http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-iv/vehicle-mods/3180 Should be what your looking for (:
  5. Free mode with my friends...turn friendly fire off and only weapons as rpgs
  6. What do you actually get for 100% ? other than trophy/achievment..? :S
  7. lol new layouts cool

  8. Good ideas (: Well they should add buyable houses with garages instead of them crappy parking spaces...and more clothes etc. to buy...like you said..there is nothing to buy in IV.
  9. If it's soo ridiculous lets see you make a better one?
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