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  1. I don't care where the packages are, i'm up for the challenge...
  2. Yes! THATS BECAUSE THERE WERE NO CLUCKIN BELLS! and i voted no... all the customization skills will make the game a lot better in my opinoins... i'm going with chris on this one, its the level of variety and customization that makes GTA so amazing
  3. Cool screens IMHO. Mostly the one of CJ standing with the M16. I think that's the desert near Las Venturas; I can't think of anywhere else it'd look like that with the oil and stuff... Maybe you can shoot the oil drills and have blood splat everywhere?
  4. Yeah, its fake, but i think the reason the pic is red is because its trying to give off the 'sunset' vibe of Los Santos & stuff. I think its set to the background of one of the SA menus. I just found it in my temporary internet files under 'www.rockstargames.com/sanandreas'. oh, and ----- jack tompson.
  5. Yeah, Corporate_Nothing is a cool guy too.. Lol, I'd love to meet "G-WizZ" so i could kick his ass for spamming up every GTA site he comes in contact with
  6. Not necessarily. If you only use the cheats that help you get more ammo and health/armor, you can still get 100%...
  7. Hey I dunno the validity of the statement, but welcome Switch! If i ever get a PC version of GTA, i'll be sure to checkout ur pwnsome mods, which i hear are critically acclaimed by... critics... and stuff.
  8. Yeah, i perfer the analog stick for movement and the d-pad for extra controls... Okay, actually its been confirmed that the d-pad will be used for other controls such as recruiting peds to be in your gang.
  9. Hey! Welcome back Kyle, and yeah, come back to these forums, not Runescape Community.. WOW! I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN.... Well in like an 1 1/2 hours
  10. http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen01.jpg ok this is a cutscene... and uhm..what car is CJ driving, and is that a perennial (pun, meaning 'lasting for many years') or a regina? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen02.jpg note the lugz...and the circular figure in the background of the left side of the screen... and is that a 1990's voodoo wit da drop top, lol? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen03.jpg its that same car from screen 1... and this is a culdesac, can anyone point out where this is on the los santos map? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen04.jpg this is cj on a bike in front of the los santos convention center but what car is that in front of it? also, you can see that big building in the distance.. http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen10.jpg look! an aries running shoes bilboard in the distance! that orange object to the left.. but what could that other billboard be in the distance? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen11.jpg see those peds trying to get into cluckin bell? looks like CJ wont be the only one eating.. do you think they will get fat too? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen12.jpg wut is your gang member doing in a burger shot? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen13.jpg look he's drinking a sprunk... obvious a parody of sprite... http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen14.jpg look at the reflections off the windows.. http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen15.jpg there are five cars in this pic... can someone identify their gta3/vc counterparts? plus notice the red parentheses figures near the burgershot doors... http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen16.jpg only one ped eating there today...sry i've got nothing important for this one :\ http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen17.jpg what kinda festival is going on in this picture? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen18.jpg HOLY CRAP IS THAT A DOG IN THAT YARD IN THE VERY BACKGROUND TO THE RIGHT??? http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen19.jpg eh.. i've got nothing for this one... http://gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen20.jpg this is obviously showing a break in in progress... OIMGZRLIKE LOOK AT THIS PIC OF T3h D00dz j00 unl0ck555 @ 100%!!111oneone!! LMFAO
  11. Okay this is a self explanitory thread where, instead of making numerous threads pointing out things in screens, you post all findings here. I'll take all the stuff i've posted on [other sites in this thread] and post it here momentarily; i'll just edit the post. This needs to be ######. http://www.gtawh.com/sa/screenshots/screen156.jpg This car looks like a hermes... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/ed30159e.jpg Kendell And Cesar http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/ec6a1cea.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/221f6ba9.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/68a84442.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/7bb3a604.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/carchase.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...eetandryder.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...newinfernus.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/6c059e2f.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/3e08cd6f.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/c4c374d4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/3bca7142.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/c736098e.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/Cor...ng/5934481e.jpg These are all stuff from the trailer these are all the areas in Los Santos's map The Panopticon Blueberry Acres Blueberry Hampton Barns Fern Ridge Red County Montgomery Palomino Creek Hanky Panky Point Dillmore Hilltop Farms Northstar Rock Richman Mulholland Sunrise Interstate 45 Chicano Market Downtown Glen Park Los Florres Rodea Marina Jefferson East Los Santos Santa Marina Beach Verona Beach Conference Pershing Square Idlewood Ganton City Hall Little Mexico Bluffs El Corona Willow Field Playa Del Sevolle Los Santos International Airport Ocean Docks more in a minute, gonna go eat dinner
  12. Once you upload your pictures that you desire to use on your Avvy and Sig, go to my controls and look for the 'edit signature' and 'avatar options' and put the URLS there, and they will appear on each of your posts. If you dont have a photo host for your pics that are stored on your comp, upload them to a site like photobucket.com ... for the signature, you will need to add the img tag to your Sig around the URL for your pic. Its quite simple, although i'm not a very good graphics designer and have kept the signature that i currently have since i first got it last year... ive grown attached to it.
  13. Yeah, the graphics are really detailed, but still a bit blockly, but that's okay. Its kinda like FFX; The graphics are like, detailed and stuff, but still pixelated and ps2-ish....
  14. i'll end up getting it 'cause i have a GBA and need some'n to play on it, so why not play GTA?
  15. Lol, that reminds me of when gtasanandreas.net kept calling Gamespot "Gamedot".
  16. Are you sure they're not covering GTA:RPG, 'cause thats obviously what this game is turning into, not that I find anything wrong with it. Its like a freaking million games rolled into one ginormous joint. I can't wait to smoke it! XD
  17. (Multi Theft Auto wasn't developed, published, or endorsed by R* Games or R* North) Yeah, I realize its a posibilty. But with such a complex and enormous game, would the PS2 even be able to handle the specs needed to power a multiplayer GTA? And what would you do in it?
  18. One down... two to go... (two because Gamespy is also going to have an update, as your title says)
  19. Yeah, i did that to a hooker before Downtown on Vice City Xbox. The hooker who wasn't in the PS2 version for some reason... I bumped her near the City Hall thing and she started running back and forth all over the place 'cause shes stupid.
  20. Well, the review wasn't all that extensive, but I still enjoyed reading it, and it had some cool screenshots, although only 4 i believe were new.
  21. Ooh, I hope its realistic and you cant go around recruiting old ladies that love shopping at Gash...
  22. Ooh well in this case, its gonna be kinda like Deus Ex Invisible War isn't it?
  23. That guy has an interesting rapping voice that i hope carries over to his CJ voice.
  24. I'm fine with the countryside, i think it will prove to be a really awesome idea, but the eating/weight/stamina system is going sounds a bit farfetched. I hope all of these stats won't be so systematic and eating and stuff and will feel natural. Not just work out for a minute and *ding* u are suddenly buffer.
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