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  1. Man two of the biggest sites, GTAWH, and TheGtaplace (here), have both been having server problems... GTAWh is back up now, but wizz is still getting the forums set up again, i guess...
  2. Me too, that was freaking pwnsome when it happened, though! Btw, i'm really taking my time with SA... i've played for 10 hours and am barely starting the Big Smoke mission string... i've just been getting used to the map...
  3. Well yeah there may be some confusion, but i wanted to join this site as a super mod and contribute some news and stuff so long ago, and my first objective to be entered here was to type up a gang info page, which, i've finished most of it, i just haven't completed the gang profiles themselves... I just haven't had time, but i still have the time to work on your forums, because GTAWH is still down...
  4. Pwnage. Nuff Said. (Btw, You still need help on the gang info page, right? I finished all the stuff about the actual gang gameplay but not the profiles of the gangs themselves.)
  5. yeah, its pretty brief, but thats all we need to know... i mean, we only have 1 week till its released after all..
  6. That is cool and all, but I already have my copy reserved, and its not like i'm getting it before it comes out, so i'll just get it in the stores...
  7. Let it be guys. I'm curious, too, but we'll just have to wait and see for the time being...
  8. dude! these radiostations frolicking kick ass! :coolthumbsup:
  9. K, thx4it. Its difficult for me to talk to him being that he lives 6 hours ahead of me and most of the time hes actually online i'm at school....
  10. Well, why doesn't someone download the freaking game and take a look?!
  11. This should be a poll. Oh, and I like GTA and GTA2 equally. kthx4itg2gbbq bye.
  12. Well i got an email from Chris, and he assured me that, if i agreed, i could become a permanent supermod and news contributor to the site.. well, i've gotten no response, and if i'm gonna spend all my time here and no where else, i might as well add some news and delete some ----- topics as well... Chris? Hola? Hello? Hi?
  13. Yeah, I remember when this forum had a crap load more smileys, but the ones we have now are cool, and the skin(s) are just as cool.
  14. Wait so you can't beat this mission without a second controller? *scrolls up*. Oh well, at least my friends can help me beat SA...
  15. Rofl! I knew i wasn't the only one who thought that!
  16. O_C I hope you know some websites have just-as-good of guides as the Brady Games ones... Don't use GAMEFAQ's though, just GTA fansites...
  17. Welcome... I refered Pyro to gtawh, but this place is pretty cool! And shut up, Kyle, Mr. I-Hate-Sentence-Structure...
  18. I'll be getting up at 11:30 PM and waking my parents up to go to Gamestop for the midnight release on Monday the 25th... I'll be calling later to see if they're getting their copies in earlier though. Hopefully they will!
  20. No, the glitch occurs when you have the 'cars fly' cheat on... The car will burst in the air and freeze. Just turn it off! (that's why its not a good idea to save with those kinda cheats on)
  21. Rofl, that'd be so stupid. Maybe the hud is gonna have a 'take-o------/piss' meter next to the stamina meter
  22. Wellll If we meet it'll have to wait until we're all, you know, out of our parents house because I trust all of y'all that you are not ----- peadophile rapists but i doubt my parents were if a burly English man were to walk up and say 'hi can i talk to corporate_nothing?'
  23. <sarcasm>Yeah its awesome.... we think we're the center of the universe! well george bush does anyway... <.< </sarcasm> On topic: Yeah, a censored GTA sucks, but can't you get a New Zealand version?
  24. damn cartman, work on ur grammar skills Anyway, yes they could make expansion packs, but that would require utilization of the Sony HDD, something neither of us have the money for
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