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  1. its times like this that i can really say God Bless America!
  2. thats awesum I downloaded like a billion of his PC mods off GTA Gaming
  3. winning is not just luck there is sum skill involved wut u have 2 do is hit him on his REAR QUARTER PANEL whenever he gets in front of you. That will spin him out evry time. if you keep doin that you will beat him. Its not a sure method but thats were the luck cums in
  4. dude thats hot if i didnt have VC only on PS2 i would definitly want that
  5. Hey Chris: I started a poll about this a while back and i sed the exact same thing but y'all dissagreed w/ me. Ive been sayin this snce i herd about these features
  6. In the new trailer, we see two cops for a few seconds (the one that says "boo!"). Could these be the crooked cops that frame CJ at the beginning of the game. U start cing them at 51 seconds in and c them until 53 seconds in.
  7. naw naw THE UZI, it combines mobility and automatic power 2 make 1 HOT gun
  8. in GTA3: chatterbox in VC: Pressing issues with maurice chavez
  9. definitly a rap station. I mean this is set in the early ninties when sum of the best rap ever created was recorded. Rap is an absolute necessity
  10. There is a connection between SA and State of Emergency. In SA the name of the bridge in San Fierro is the Gant Bridge. In State of Emergency, the name of the video store in the intro is Gant. This is just a cool little connection. If any body knows any others please post them here.
  11. All the things we are going to be able to do to CJ are unnecessary and hard. In VC & 3, we could go out and get a hooker w/o stopping at a Cluckin' Bell
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