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  1. youngbloodSA

    Rushing Rockstar

    They should improve on the graphics of the people and the buildings
  2. youngbloodSA

    [SA] CJ's Stunts

    umm....really interresting hey itz ok itz not like i can do it nice job on the movie
  3. the poster in the losantos gym says a million dollar man compitition in Los santos where the hell is it does it even exsist?
  4. youngbloodSA

    The Cops

    lalalalalalal i don't care about police copters jus kill kill muahahahahahah
  5. youngbloodSA

    Catalita vs deneice

    lol catalina all the way she is one crazy ass bizatch
  6. youngbloodSA

    Favourite Radio Station

    Radio los SAntos son is the one for gangsta rap
  7. youngbloodSA

    Clean 'M' Rated San Andreas This Month?

    M rated AO rated im still gonna get it they can't stop me
  8. youngbloodSA

    San Andreas banned in Australia

    so sad Gta rocks screw all of the Gta haters who lives in Aussy land anyway's???
  9. youngbloodSA

    what kinds of weapons you want in the next gta

    Crap man i would love to have m16 and a granade gun
  10. youngbloodSA

    San Andreas kicked out of the store

    postal 2 rocks can't find it in America crap man crap
  11. youngbloodSA

    San Andreas kicked out of the store

    also there is a "sex.scm" in scripts.img......kinda hard to miss........ also, they should have put somthing similar to the "Game Experience May Change During Online Play" thats on online games, somthing like "Game Experience May Change Due To Modifacitons" but, put the code there. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> im still gonna buy the next game shizheads aren't gonna stop me
  12. youngbloodSA

    Industry could lose up to $50 million

    not rite at all