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    whatever I like damnit
  1. I'm rich bitch

    Official lcs vid topic.

    I'll try to get some too
  2. I'm rich bitch

    Rushing Rockstar

    R* should take their time I don't care if it is 2 or 3 months for gta4 because R* could make the next gta better
  3. I'm rich bitch

    there is snow in gta:lcs

    sorry I just didn't have time to read it just lock this topic
  4. I'm rich bitch

    there is snow in gta:lcs

    people have been talking about if there was going to be snow in gta:lcs but in www.gtapsp.com they comfirmed that there will be snow in the game
  5. I'm rich bitch


    what I don't want to see is mods that could get the next gta ratings changed
  6. I would want the rocket luncher in the next gta
  7. I'm rich bitch

    Flying in the dodo plane

    my record was like 23
  8. one glitch that mostly everyone knows is when you point a sniper rifle at the moon and it changes from big to small
  9. I'm rich bitch

    favourite car?

    my favorite cars would be the stinger and the borgine taxi
  10. I'm rich bitch

    Salvatore Leone

    I say no because at the last Mafia mission (last requests) salvatore tried to kill you
  11. I'm rich bitch

    Do you think GTA4 should have Grove st. ?

    I agree with with you even the hell no part
  12. I'm rich bitch


    I'll tell you guys what I want it is more islands only like one or two because in gta3 it seemed like the islands were freaking small
  13. I'm rich bitch

    Favourite radio station?

    my favorite radio station is chatterbox that is what mostly everybody likes.
  14. I'm rich bitch

    Snow in GTALCS!

    if there is snow in gta:lcs then there could be different seasons like spring, fall, summer, and gta:lcs will maybe start in the winter now that would be