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  1. If anyone could find a nice New English Ambulance that works in SAMI that would be brill! Like this 1
  2. You can download the Tumbler Batmobile (the one from the Batman Begins Movie) from Grand Theft Auto Filefront - just search Batmobile in thier search engine and the only result is the tumbler. Download it and install it with the San Andreas Mod Install - Just search download SAMI on google. Unfortunelly though you will have the replace a car from the list to get it - and you need V1 of SA to play with a mod so get a downgrader if you have V2. Hope this helps...
  3. Hi I was just wandering how i CREATE my own Car Mods for GTA SA. I've looked everywhere on the internet but its all guides how to Install Car Mods - I don't care about that I just want to know how to make my own. If anyone knows any usefull online tutorials or can just tell me plz tell me!
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