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  1. I'm having problems with Punkbuster kicking me off all CoD WaW servers that use Punkbuster. I have updated Punkbuster a few time but it still happens. This is the error I recieve: RESTRICTION:Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe How come thats happening?
  2. Horray for airrcraft design flaws!
  3. I'm using my spare keyboard ATM, and it sucks. You can't type fast, and they keys are sticky. The problam is my old keyboard. I had to switch the the spare because my old keyboard was starting to type muliple letters. eg: If I typed "S" it would come up as "S/" "Y" came up as "uy" "T" came up as "rt" "A" Closes down Windows live messenger windows "," comes up as ",." Whats wrong with it, because the spare keyboard sucks ass.
  4. 1 Day left untill school =(

  5. Are you sure it's B? I have V1.1 of the CamHack, and B doesn't do anything. In fact - Camera Physics isn't even listed in the commands on the download page
  6. I have the Cam Hack and the patch for Vista, and it works fine, accept I can't lock the view. So whenever I drive fast, the camera moves backwards. I've tried the default controll for it, and it makes something come up saying " MODIFIER: TRUE" but the camera still moves back.
  7. Woah! It would be awsome if she was a politician over here
  8. Jesus thats pretty intense. Theres no way a fight would get that big in my school and we have nearly twice as many kids.
  9. Where have I seen this before...? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OkcucXIuVI
  10. I want the cop uniform but I really can't be assed to date Barbra to 100% for it. I've tried editing shopping.dat to put it in Binco Clothes Store, but if I try to but it the game just freezes. It' probably due to the fact that it's a full set of clothes - not seperate. What files should I edit to make it so that the Cop Uniform is automaticly in your wardrobe at the start? (ie. Where do you find the part that lists which clothes you where at the start?)
  11. OK Thanks (And no we haven't )
  12. Yep, it works AWSOME!

  13. He's a guy that wheres a trenchcoat and somtimes says things to do with UFOs. Really not that interesting...
  14. Well thats OK then because the games I play on my PC are mainly Far Cry 2, Oblivion and The Sims 3, and I'm sure that they'll all run on it.
  15. OK, I think I'll be getting myself one. (Also why IV on low? Luckily I have it on Xbox)
  16. I think I'll probably get the ATI. What kind of specs do you think I'll be able to run new games at on it? @GTA Don thanks for finding those
  17. I have a £40 (About $66) budget, and I need to get a new (gaming if that makes a differance?) graphics card because the one I have is quite frankly...crap. So whats the best Graphics card I can get for £40, and is it worth buying it to replace a NVIDIA Gefore 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i? My brother has a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, (They are worth about £18 or $30 at the cheapest from Amazon) and I would like to get one that's better than his (because he'll get mad ) Here are my current PC Specs, because it would be better if I didn't have to buy any other new equiptment, so I want to know first hand: Packard Bell, Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz 3.00 GB RAM 32-Bit Operating System
  18. I'll check it out when my computer gets fixed. Also, I think Von757 might just be a multiple acount of yours arsham. Considering he has 1 post which is to say your server is good, and I doubt that anyone would register JUST to say that.
  19. Today? Source? ===EDIT=== Oh just found it. Funny that they announce this the day I start a topic for it. Epic Fail on my behalf Anyway they said they are working on a new TES game but they arent talking about it untill theyre nearly done. So probably not in 2010 then No, they're not even working on it, dude. Opps misread it... again. I'll just stop reading things.
  20. Today? Source? ===EDIT=== Oh just found it. Funny that they announce this the day I start a topic for it. Epic Fail on my behalf Anyway they said they are working on a new TES game but they arent talking about it untill theyre nearly done. So probably not in 2010 then
  21. OK 2 things. 1. Who reported his post (whats wrong with it?) 2. Don't stop driving. Just drive round the block repeatidly untill there is just 1 gang member left, and then just run him over. Just repeat that accept for the one by the ally where you can run them all over at once.
  22. Yeah, I agree with you there. I want to be a pilot when I am old enough to get a Comercial License, but whenever I look at FSX, I can't help but think to myself "what a dull job".
  23. So I've been reading around and it seems that the a fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series is going to be released in summer 2010. Most people I've heard from think that it will be called "Skyrim" and will be set in the Northern Tamriel province of Skyrim, altough at the moment, nothing is too official. Wikipedia: The Fallout 3 publisher announced that the next instalment in its popular RPG series will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, with no plans for a release on Nintendo consoles. Anyway, here is what I want to see improved from Oblivion. 1 - Level Scaling Keep this the fuck out of my game. Unlike in Morrowind where you could get a high blade skill and strut around a town like you own the place, in Oblivion you couldn't. The world leveled with you, and although in some aspects this was good, overall it was annoying. First off, level scaling eliminates the point of leveling, because everyone and everything revoles around you, so there is no difference between attempting somthing at level one, and attempting it at level 20. Another thing that makes this a bed concept for an RPG, is that they didn't limit the items people got as they leveled, so by the time you are level 15, every farmer and his mum has deadric armour. It removed the whole aspect of accomplishment from the game, because whereas in Morrowind, some places would require you to be a certain level to get past the monsters, in Oblivion that doesn't happen because no matter what level you are, monsters advance through the levels aswell. 2 - Limited Content Leveled content is another one of those features that Bethesda added to "mainstream" The Elder Scrolls at the expense of gameplay and core Elder Scrolls fans. Leveled content is completely inappropriate for a game in the Elder Scroll Series, it breaks immersion and it turns everything into a giant single-player MMO that instances everything to your level. Leveled stores are bad. There is no point to shopping around because every store has the same items. And leveled stores also give the impression that stores revolve around your character and that their stock revolves around your character as your characters level determines what is in a stores inventory. Leveled thievery is bad. Every potential robbery target is the same. Manors which are populated by rich people have the same items to steal as a shack or more moderately sized house. What determines the items in the house to rob is, you guessed it, your character's level. If my thief character goes through the trouble of breaking into a manor, I would expect to see riches and valuable items, not the same crap that's in a beggars bedroll. 3 - Poor Voice Acting A team of 10 or 20 voice actors could easily produce unique dialog and voices for each character in the game and at a fraction of the cost compared to Patrick Stewart. As a result of the above, voice acting is generic. Many voice overs are designed to be used by multiple characters and as such, they are lacking in mood and sound choppy when linked together. Beggars are the worst example of this. When you first talk to a beggar, they talk in an old raspy voice that one would, stereotypically, associate with someone begging on the street. The minute you ask a beggar about the rumors, they start to speak in a voice of high nobility. It's shocking Bethesda released the game in this condition - how hard would it have been to re-record the rumors in a beggars voice? 4-Better Map Boundries In oblivion, if you tried to leave the map and venture out of Cyrodil, you where stopped by a huge invisible wall spanning the length of the game, and were automaticly turned back. Now this wouldn't have been that much of a problam if they had made an effort to what the message you recieve for reaching the wall is; "You can't go this way, turn back." So what do you want to see from TES V?
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