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  1. Yay i found a mod. GTA Player Selection 0.9
  2. Dr Ham: I rule Biatches! Dr Cow: Naha Dr Beef: Eh, screw u eses! Latin Meat: Who ya talkin with latino accento, beef cow?!
  3. You see Kent Paul and Maccer in Dogg's mansion. Such a big false that gave everyone hopes.
  4. llalalalalalallalalalalalaalalalalallalala T ^ /Gpump = 10$
  5. Corpse King


    I heard there's a mod that allows to change CJ to a ped. But i can't find it. Can someone gimme a link or something? And can i put CJ back? Or i will need to reinstall?
  6. OMG I have an idea! Leatherface! He kiddnaps Kendl and Denise and Sweet and CJ and Cesar come to the rescue!
  7. Oh lol i wanted to post before you, you probly posted before me.. Answer: No Question or something: Name 3 characters, White characters, you meet ONLY IN LAS VENTURAS (They can be in the previous games too), and you dont kill em.
  8. You dont know if he understood or not? You're the writer, you should know! Next time, let them fight dragons in the desert !
  9. The mission is way to easy, i dont know why. But, for 2 ppl, one flying, other steering and dropping and picking up the bomb, itll be so easy, it will be easy.
  10. I woke up cause of my brothers hunger screams, i went to sleep again, i woke up and i drinked some coffee. That is all for now.
  11. For me the Ballas are Crips. Freefall. I am not sure bout it though. But ill ask: Name 3 characters, White characters, you meet ONLY IN LAS VENTURAS (They can be in the previous games too), and you dont kill em.
  12. Wu Zi Mu, Ran Fa Li, Frank Tenpenny. What IRL gang does the Ballas represent?
  13. Its not correct. You forgot the Varrios Los Aztecas. Whats the number of NRG-600?
  14. I thought you need to wait for someone to answer if its correctly or not..
  15. ^ What? < Is King, and weed is not healthy v Contract Killer
  16. Lols But some of Noodles question, are actully maybe contain some logical stuff, like the w/o condom sex with her BF.
  17. I am maybe replying too late but... You just lose connection to the internet. Check your cable and modem, and fix it somehow.
  18. Probably ripped of.. Its my friends CD..
  19. The radio in game doesnt works. The pedestrians words, i cant hear them. In cutscenes, i dont hear nothing. In phone, non. Re-Installing, wont help. If every hobo will have 1cent for every re install i made, every single hobo in this world will be richer than Bill Gates.
  20. Im cool aint i? No? Than you aint cool 2. V 2.0 ok you fool, V 2.0 R3!! GTA IV on PS3 Read only AFTER clickin the link.
  21. Its kinda stupid that you cant drive without license. Cops can arrest for it but still, its too wierd. When i was 11 i knew how to drive Although i didnt drived.
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