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  1. Welcome, stay active

  2. Thanks guys and yes I am a girl
  3. haha thanks. Its good to be here. XX

  4. Aww thanks hun. XX

  5. lol, but Paris is such a douchebag lady... hilary is more deserving Hilary isn't a woman!
  6. Another female?

    Turning less and less a sausage fest here. Yay.

  7. Hey welcome to the forums :)

  8. OMG it's a madhouse in here! Whassup everyone?!
  9. OMG seriously!!! I want her in there. She can give us women a voice! GO PARIS!
  10. lol ummmm. This is the only pic I have on my PC right now. I mite regret this lol!!!! http://www.isarapix.org/pix37/1180703498.jpg How do you have the actual pic instead of the address?
  11. Hey guys. I've just joined here and am introducing myself. So Hi lol. My fav GTA is GTA4 but I have not played any o the others lol. Seeya around
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