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  1. YOU "PICKED" THE WRONG "HOUSE" FOOL! how many people does catallena have buried in her yard
  2. lol correct... idk... is i accesable through the radio stations? like can u listen to on the radio or only in that mission?
  3. in the mission "jive drive" lance hugs vic and says "but vic, i do have ****** " fill in the stars.
  4. the new one NEVER OPENS! unless ur modding of course... it'd be cool if it did though....
  5. everyone said it but... hunter... AWESOME F*CKING HELI!!!!
  6. ur probably doing sumthing causing a paradox that the game cant understand ++game crashing list++ spawning bikes wrong hex editing using two cheats that work against eachother example:all ballons popped rewards at safehouse then you pop a red balloon.... what happens next? you dont know the game doesnt know so it crashes
  7. zzrezz


    idk about any of u but i'd rather have it portable than being stuck by any power source....
  8. DEVHOOK SUCKS!!!! use custom firmware.... ive got 4.01 m33 and cheatdevice 3.71 for VCS and its awesome! if ur psp is too high for LCS downgrade then use pandora battery... get an old battery incase somthing happens..... sorry...going into psp discussion now.. back to "The Ultimate Firmware, DevHook & CheatDevice guide"
  9. i dont no the name... but its on head radio... and the chorus go's "come on come on lets take this train-- were movin' on ahead but we'll soon be back again" i like it....
  10. HELL YES... worth buying... modding of the ISO's just came out and if ur missing out.... then stop missing out get a psp get CFW get the ISO AND MOD!!!
  11. radio dle mundo -sucks msx -good for cop chases head radio -AWESOME rise fm -okay.... liberty jam -.....no double cleff -music you would listen to to sleep flashback -not that bad sorry if i forgot any... but basicly.... head radio and msx are the best
  12. cheatdevice.com CHECK THESE OUT YO!
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