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  1. I liked the taking over gang area's,and having to defend them.Also car garages mod shops.
  2. Mine has to be "taking the peace" mission taking control of that damn car,drove me crazy heh
  3. Yes you can, a good way is to accumulate a wanted level, then shake it at a pay and spray for a chuck of 'sale-ness', though this is quite pointless, as the P'n'S is ages away, and on such a badly handling bike, you don't have much chance of getting around too easy. Also, the thing with drive-bys is you get wanted. Then the cops come ram you off your bike like a little bitch. This = failure, pretty much. Yup your right...but if ya run down some people on the trail by the water just down from the shop theres lots of people. get a wanted star,and lose it or grab the bribe.but if ya can save for when ya need it,losing one star increases the sale quite a bit.Thats how I completed the harley bike type sales fairly quickly.
  4. thanks for the help I got it I found if you get a wanted star its appears there for some reason...
  5. do you have only one chance for this car?
  6. Im doing the love car giveaway and im searching fr the4 thunder rod how does one obtain one of these its the last one on my list
  7. I love gta3 but not being able to swim sucked,speech from claude would have been nice,and motorcycles like in lcs.
  8. Didnt have to look real to be fun,I enjoyed the mission from the start.even the talking in the car,all the way to the location,that for me was fun the whole thing. not just him cutting up someone.
  9. Just wanted to hear some of your favorite missions... mine is Deat Meat I thought that was a one of the funnest for me so far.
  10. I just went out and bought a used ps2 just so i could play lcs-vcs and im loving every min of it sure the graphics aretn up to what we had before but jeez its another GTA game which is has everything that I like in there games.Still trying to the mr.noodles missions I almsot made it to lvl 10 dammit heh
  11. I want to hear some Johnny Cash-Cocaine blues John Lennon-Jealous Guy Slayer-South Of Heaven White Snake-Here I go again Justin T-Sexy Back.
  12. Four dragon's for me..being part owner and such wish there was more to owning it though.
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