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  1. DAN


    Well i just want there to be a more general bigger and more in depth plot to the next gta game, and maybe an interwinding story plot. Also i think everyone wants a more better if not advanced weopons. Also i would like more cars and especially more fast cars maybe street cars that would be good.
  2. DAN


    Hay glad to see other skaeboard fans on the forum. Well i also skate and have been skating for a 6 years now and can do quite alot. My deck steup at the moment is Danny Garcia Habbitat deck Venture low's (trucks) Ricta Blues Monkey Bolts Jessups Grip Speed Demon Barrings Abec 5 I can do just about standard street skating stuff like 360 flip nollie nillie flip kickflip heelflip, frontside flip,backside flip, the best thing so far that i have done and it was a real rare incedint and that was i boarslid a hand rail down a set of 5
  3. DAN

    Favorite Character?

    My favourite charcter in gta3 would have to be salvatory becuse he was the don of the mafia, i like the him alot!
  4. DAN

    SA or SC?

    Well i think that it will be S.A becuse there is much more evidance and sources among the net, to suggest that the arrow is pointing to the title San Andreas. Although i did find an article about Sin City on the net but i cant rember where i red it lol.
  5. DAN

    Active people

    Well i will stay even thought i have just joined lol, i like to ecourage forums, even though your chris was a very popular forum before, becuse i registered at gtad when there was only 200 members and im still there now lol. So just to let you know Chris you have got a really good setup of a forum here and i will deffinetly stay and also i will spread the word about this forum. Hoipe to see the shop hacks and the clan hack soon.
  6. DAN

    Burnt Cat Hair

    Omg this brings back a memory that happend last year it was so funny, i nearly wet my self laughing lol. Well what happened was, there was this cat and it was messing and gerally pissing me and my mate's off. And anyway it started climbing up onto my mates car and just being very annoying. I dont know why my mate did this but he did, when the cat was on the floor, he gave the cat such a boot that he kicked it right over his car and into the middle of the road and i nearly wet my self laughing it was really funny any way the cat deserved it!! It was being a little sh*t lol. Also one of my other mates shaved his name into his two cats all u could see was this big shaved name "Jacob"