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  1. ReeceMix

    Charater Rigging Tutorial

    Oh excuse me for thinking that in 2 years time someone would have recognised that there was no tutorial or information on 'rigging the CJ character' and posted some clear instructions on the matter. San Andreas Mods are still popular just check youtube. I bumped the topic to save having to create a new one on the same subject and C) why would you even respond to a topic if you A) dont have any revelant information to input? or 2) completeley misread the topic and add a completely irrelevant statement?
  2. ReeceMix

    Charater Rigging Tutorial

    read the topic and dont reply to posts when on heavy medication, cannabis or alcohol .. remember just say no
  3. ReeceMix

    Charater Rigging Tutorial

    Well nearly 2 years later , if you google 'san andreas rigging cj' this topic shows up on the first page. Has anyone created a Tutorial yet for rigging the 'Main Playable CJ character', so your player can get fat/skinny etc?
  4. ReeceMix

    Your most favorite GTA game.

    Vice City, I love the 80's music and Tommy is awesome , The music in San Andreas is just terrible I think they went OTT with the gangsta vibe although I like the map scale, and 5 girlfriends but no boyfriends?? for-shame rockstar
  5. ReeceMix

    Charater Rigging Tutorial

    No, just going back to school. Well that's my excuse. If you want to convert the models or rig 3DS models for SA you should use Blender free download at blender.org and then you will need a script called GTA Import/Export Tool for Blender by Stephen Orning 'Hollower'. Then you will need to learn how to use the Blender etc.. There was a good free modeler called the Zmodeler but they are charging for version 2 now. Version 2 imports the GTA SA dff and 3ds as well. I didnt know there was a blender plugin I will download that, I also have Zmodeler1&2, I was hoping someone could clarify the 3ds max rigging tutorial (as whoever invented Blenders GUI obviously takes alot of mind bending drugs). However I must say that the lack of help on these forums surely must have put a serious dent in the newer GTA modding community, assuming I stick with GTA modding (and not get fed up and quit) I'd be interested in setting up a GTA website specificaly for beginner Mod tutorials EDIT: The blender plugin only works for GTA3 & VC modding, Im modding SA
  6. ReeceMix

    Charater Rigging Tutorial

    Does anybody here even know how to rig player models? I keep thinking that the GTA modding scene is dead.
  7. ReeceMix

    Redefining the Map Collision?

    oh I am utterly lost Ok heres what happens when I click day/night when I bring up vertex paint and change the channel from 3 to 1 it brings up this, I also opened up the layer manager and it seems it only has the one layer Thing is I can only guess at whats happening , but when I Import it from dff ingame it starts with the orginal 'night' layer which and moves to a 2nd /default layer(that doesnt exist) that just makes it brighter. In the channel layer 1 is the red and green mix and 2-100 is pure white, Ive checked out a few tutorials but for this process I cant figure out what i need to change (would probabally be easier if I was starting from scratch) For this I dont particualary want to start adding my own light sources, sun bulbs LOD?! etc for this Modified map ( I know I will have to when I make my 'Own' map areas), I just feel that theres a really simple solution here but i could spend weeks messing around with random toggle buttons ... if someone knows what I need to do please help, in the meantime I will learn to light my own Map area from scratch that shall lie byond that gate. Im a pretty good modeler (Also apparently there is a way of using the night vertex with Kams scripts and another night vertex plugin but it requires RWanalyser )
  8. ReeceMix

    Redefining the Map Collision?

    I've encountered this same problem while working on a garage mod, the trouble is that the shading is using the model's vertex color assignments to generate the shadow. The game code uses a separate day/night set of colors - one set of values for each. Kam's scripts doesn't support being able to export this double set of colors. So what ends up happening is that after exporting, you have just the one group. The game interprets this by using the one set for both day AND night. The building, road, and other map models all end up looking fine during the day but you won't get the nice night-time colors like the game's originals. The best solution is to add the second set of colors manually! This is no simple task either and I haven't gotten around to trying it yet myself but if you really want the details of how to do it: goto gtaforums.com and search for posts with the search term 'vertex colors' and you should find one with a detailed explanation of how to go about it. A simpler solution is what I've settled on for my mod... I simply setup the colors so they'll look good for the night mode. In your case of the basic wall shadow, you can probably get away with doing the same. Experiment and see what works for you. Seek and ye shall find my friend .. and Salvation comes to you by the name of Deniska's 3DS Max MAP Exporter ! http://www.gtasa.fr/download.php?act=view&id=2109 http://www.gostownparadise.com/tuto_01.htm (can I get an Amen!) Praise Deniska! :clapping: Multivertex exporter! Still having a little problem with it as the light intesity is light at night and dark in the day but i will have a play around with it tommorow and hopefully restore its original light settings :clapping: Shine A Light ! Shine A Light ! Shine A Light ! :clapping:
  9. ReeceMix

    Redefining the Map Collision?

    Ok Ive answerd this myself I needed a program called Collision File Editor II http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=1154 To export the orinal collision file, edit it, by removing the collision on the area I want to remove , then saving the col file,(I just figured this could be done in 3dsMax) and then using that coll file to be added to kams dff exporter. anyway It worked , but now ive removed the shadow on the area, so ive gotta figure out how to fix that now lol
  10. Deleted Old Post Outdated
  11. ReeceMix

    GTA: Knight Rider

    Downloading now I found KITT in BTTF mod (still cant find the skateboard thou) look forward to seeing this in SA One Idea I had was if KITT could change colours while driving (black to silver) and evade the police that way (maybe if it had a recharge time so you could only use it one after a certain time period
  12. ReeceMix

    Redefining the Map Collision?

    I am trying a simple experiment to change the original SA map, I've successfully altered the original map mesh Before After Originally I just tryed to change the dff file and left the original collision (I figured the ingame collision would stay the same it would just look different) anyway the game crashes (probabally becuase I didnt import export a collison with the dff) Originally I used an earlier version of KAMs plugin script (COL IO v0.2b.ms) and following a tutorial I imported a working piece of scenery But with the new exporter there is no Set Surface or Create Boundings button So now Im just flying blind Ive tried a number of things but it keeps resulting in errors & crashes Can someone please explain how to change the original map and reimport it without it crashing?
  13. ReeceMix

    Charater Rigging Tutorial

    Ive rigged a pedestrian , now I'd like to know how to rig CJ so my character can get fat/skinny etc