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  1. Oh my god, if you share the MAIN.scm, do you get a star? You seriously think the US government would waste their time cracking down on someone who helps someone restore their game, or a cold blooded murder Actually you get your seventh star for sharing files, liek oh em geh.
  2. You should add vehicles like a variety, from trucks & trailers to infernus'. And, try using the Vehicle ID for the FBI Rancher, 490.
  3. This is awesome! I hate having to kill suspects. And, its just like real life, accept for a couple things. It sounds like its going along great, I wish I could help, but I don't know how to mod in any remark, really. Do you think its gonna be released soon? And will there be a jail that you can actually go and visit? That would be cool if there is a setting which enables you to have to drive them to a jail and check them in for their time. If this is as awesome as it sounds... I will love you The suspense is killing me!
  4. People say the best weapon is one you don't have to fire... Oh wait... Wrong subject. Ford Crown Victoria V71' Police interceptor: People think, man that car is crap. Its made by ford, they don't make speed! Wrong! V71 Police interceptor engines are the same engines police use. Can out run many normal cars.
  5. Easiest never wanted level cheat to remember is TESTEDUCATIONALSKILLS (test educational skills) Not to be confused with tested educational skills
  6. The download for that crown vic is broken Any other place? This one is realistic unlike the other one.' When you click download, it trys to redirect, when its soposed to go to http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...amp;download=go NVM I Found it.
  7. Billy822's undercover crown vics:
  8. Hey, I was watching these videos. First I want to know how he helps the police, when he shoots, they aren't after him? Second, I want to know where he got that car, if anyone knows. Thanks for help.
  9. Hello. I just bought the retail version of GTA SA, hoping to be able to mod it. When I get home, I can't wait! I am installing all my mods through SAMI, and thinking, if the mods don't work I am going to tear my hear out. Well, I didn't tear my hear out, I just got really frustrated. When I install ANY mod, it freezes half way through loading. In other terms Lets take any mod. ( I have tested many ) Caprice Taxi. I install it through Sami, its all good. I check my GTA San Andreas folder, there's a new folder, "Backups" So I know it installed. I open GTA SA Hit new game ( I have also tried using a save ) Goes right to halfway, really quick. Then it stops! I hit control+alt+delete, nothing. I have to restart my computer. Don't tell me to do the backup, because when I click the backup.sami, it opens, I click ok, and it says: Windows: *DUUUUUUUN!* SAMI: The mod you're trying to install is a backup. If you're trying to uninstall a mod, then use the "Uninstall a Mod" feature instead. Me at the moment: Do I need to downgrade to v1? Thanks for help in advanced! PLEASE DO HELP! And thanks for reading! *...man this guy types a lot.. Wouldn't want to get into a conversation with him, he may be too talkative...*
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