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  1. my life is like a box of chocolates what can i say. (oh and i'm talking about the caramel chocolates, not dark chocolate or any cherry covered chocolate cause i hate that shit)
  2. i'd definately like to meet insane pyro he seems like a swell fellow.
  3. haha that kid is sticking his tongue at us as if we're the ones who got it bad.
  4. ok um... first off i don't use my old account anymore because i don't use that name anymore. i now go by either osiris. or Triad 1028 i will check out the ambience skin. i did not forget the password to my old accout. no you cannot call me ginger pubes. yes i have changed since i've last been here (my personality isn't as immature but that doesn't mean i won't be spamming and i'm hotter) i had a chicken sandwhich for lunch today. and do i know you Asia Enthusiast? (name change perhaps?)
  5. nah it didn't have anything to do with that. i was just bored. but damn these forums are so...i don't know what. something is missing. maybe i should change the skin or something.
  6. hehe, i created this topic what? more than a year ago and it's still goin strong with a whopping 3 pages. hell yes so anyways i recently saw pulp fiction not too long ago and it easily gains a spot in the best movies in the universe category.
  7. i really like them. they have a sound that isn't like most bands, they're really good. my favorite songs are Klavier, Mein Herz Brennt, Dalai Lama, Los, Mein Teil, and Reise, Reise
  8. i'm all about industrial. Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, 5F_55, Dulce Liquido still my all time favorite is Tool though, which isn't industrial but i don't care. Tool is better than everything. it's a fact.
  9. whatever dude, that shit works seriously.
  10. yeah so i've decided to come back for a while and see what's up. so yeah, haven't posted here in almost a year. since the forums aren't very active and all i'll probably only post from time to time.
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