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  1. do you guys wanna post the answers for each level we beat?
  2. i don't like having tons of additions and what not added to my browser. i keep mine at just the basic. and whoever said it's all about internet explorer should die.
  3. i'm stuck on 11. number 6 i got just by fiddling around with my photo editing program until suddenly i did something weird and the letters appeared...
  4. i nearly shit myself just from the mere sight of that question.
  5. 15, 16 in Feb. i can easily pass for an adult over the phone though. i have multiple times passed for my dad but it hasn't really gotten me anywhere yet...
  6. i don't want any more than one person.
  7. i like it for some reason. i feel like i get the subject better because i have more time to deal with it. each normal day for me is three classes each 2 hours long and we get 10 minutes between classes.
  9. who's forcing themselves to stick with someone? if i wanted to i could leave her right now, but i don't want to.
  10. 10th grade (sophomore) U.S. school system period 1 - Life Management Skills period 2 - Algebra I period 3 - English II Honors period 4 - Spanish II period 5 - AP Art History period 6 - Anatomy / Physiology and my schedule for next year should look something like this Geometry (maybe honors) English III Honors Chemistry (maybe honors) American Government Honors Spanish III AP Psychology
  11. yeah i was being sarcastic about the whole ginger thing. i remember both nicknames. and i agree i think circus penis is funnier, much funnier. i tried one of those wonka bars once, they're pretty good but they're so damn small, it's sort of a rip off.
  12. ginger...ginger who? i don't know what you're talking about. i can't sign on AIM right now though, i gotta get it installed again. we just installed a new harddrive and thats the last thing i gotta install back. i'll have by tomorrow probably.
  13. am i the only one here who has a good steady relationship? my girlfriend and i have been going out for almost 6 months now and everything is great, i really love her. anyways i hate homecoming so i won't be going to mine, i probably won't even go to prom unless i'm forced to.
  14. i remember Tondi, but i was here even before all that. anyways i changed my name just because i was getting tired of insane pyro and i didn't like it anymore. no i'm not a pyro, but yes i do greatly enjoy playing with fire.
  15. i'm tri lets not forget the animals you guys.
  16. if it isn't too much trouble than yeah.
  17. yeah but i came before you, CN, hell i even came before spaz. and yes i remember you smartboy4
  18. oh the training wheels are off my friend.
  19. damn you should get it back. i need to go get it on dvd i only rented it
  20. at the moment i'm listening to their first album 'Herzeleid' back from either '95 or '96 it's alright so far.
  21. thats because i'm a hard core veteran!
  22. nope, i'm goin solo on this one.
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