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  1. It is very annoying to be harassed by these dust-farting elders. All they say is that we are bad for listening 'shitty' music, drinking stuff we shouldn't, and laughing. And always I have weird things with my mum, that she is an adult, and if she says that Glasgow is the capital of Ireland, and I say it's the capital of Scotland, than she says I am wrong, and only after my dad tells her that she is wrong, she admits it. The older generation thinks only bad things about us.

  2. Cannibal Corpse - The Undead Will Feast

    Undead sleep, as they hug their teddy bear

    Terror play's, at the thought of being in a lair

    Prophecy of the baby of Oz

    Now comes true, as the panda's eat the fuzz

    Ancient spell summons the bears of Hell

    The dead sleep, in their shell

    Panic strikes as the nations run in fear

    Ocean cola with salt of black deer

  3. I didn't bought any albums, I downloaded them.

    But I think it's counts.



    Black Sabbath

    Heaven and Hell

    Cannibal Corpse

    *I still download their discography

    The Bleeding

    Eaten back to Life


    Ten Thousand Fists

    Forgotten Tomb

    Love's Burial Ground

    King Diamond

    *I still download their discography

    The Eye


    Give Me Your Soul...Please


    *I still download their discography

    Diabolus In Musica

    Christ Illusion


    Black Metal

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