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  1. I have an avatar upgrade request.


    Can you make the red thing go green?

    And the background to be some dark-poisonous-green? Thanks. I am really sure it'll be cool looking.

    I will pay you if you'll want.

  2. I am not sure if it's supposed to be here.

    Anyway: I have a problem with the GIMP. I can't change it's language. Every time I install it, it always does the same language, and I can't change the language. I don't know why, but it's always get's set to Spanish. And I don't manage to set it in English.

  3. God and Love is different.

    Love doesn't exists in a physical form.

    I guess I explained myself in a wrong way. I meant I don't believe in God cause: 1. I can't see him ; 2. I see no proofs for his existance.

    So I know things like Love, Hatred and etc don't have a physical form, cause it exists inside of people's soul or something.

    Same like God. People think he's in heaven or inside of them, but for some people it's not.

    I hope I cleared my point.

  4. Boring.

    The first two were OK cause they had a pretty original plot line.

    But this one was the same as the previous two.

    They could do a different storyline, like in China only without the curse cause it's kinda boring, maybe with some Myth of someone to rise from ashes and control the seven golden dragons, etc...

  5. I really don't want drugs to be legalized. I even want Cigarettes and Tobacco to be banned. It's bad for the health and will cause more trouble for the youth. Like they will get addicted, they'll get mote and more, they'll owe the dealers cash, and the cops wouldn't be able to do anything about it. But after i write this, I'm afraid that many people will call me a geek or stuff cause I hate drugs. Happened once.

  6. I thought that it was a really good song, but I am not a sarcastic guy so I can say, NO. That is the stupidest song I ever heard. Maybe i don't have a sense of Humor, but I can't stand crap like this song.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.

    And yes, I am a heartless human, that has no sense of humor in some cases.

  7. I will post pictures soon, but I will say the clothes: White Suit (Replacing Green Suit), White Pants (Replacing Green Pants), Snake Skin Boots, Silver Crowex, Cards Chain (Replacing Dog Tags), Black Shades, White Derby (Replacing Green Derby). Or instead of Shades, White Face Bandanna (Replacing Black Face Bandanna) without a White Derby.

  8. Hi all, I came here cause I heard much about this forum and it's knowledge about GTA, one of my favorite game series. I really hope I will get GTA IV on my PC. But i don't love GTA only. I love Quake, Hitman and much more. So I really hope i will fit in this community.

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