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  1. 985. Watching for little Spanish talking robot that your arch enemy created.
  2. In game files. And a mod isn't needed for the use of a skateboard. Just replace the bat.txd and bat.dff with skateboard.txd and skateobard.dff. I think it should work.
  3. I ain't sure where to post this, so if it's needed to be moved, than please. I found skins of Kendl, Wuzi's guards, Beta Grove (Bandana guy) and more. Some psycho and phandrl or something. What are these skins? And I found a skateboard txd and dff that can be used.
  4. The Beta Big Smoke has a shirt. It has a name of a basketball team. What is the name of the basketball team. And the answer is: 4 i think
  5. True. What is the Basketball team that was on the Beta Big Smoke?
  6. Hai TOX, got a request. 400px × 150px Jamaican Flag, the Yardie Lion sign (from GTA3) in the middle. Border in Jamaican style and under it, "Jamaican Souls" text under the lion in Jamaican colors. thanks
  7. Its possible with da ped editor. Take the Cop Sexy female and change her data to a cop one, and all the cops to criminals .
  8. I think it causes the viruses. My PC is acting weird lately. Overheating all the time..cant do alot of stuff too.
  9. Wtf?! I cannot delete Mozilla Firefox outa' mah' computer! When I click the Remove, it just flashes and nothing happens! Help please.
  10. It is not funny. It is a problem, she is scared of them, it is not a subject for laughter. I have a humor, but I cannot use it for Phobias like this. Although Ballon-Phobia is funny.
  11. E7200 @ 2.53GHz (2 CPU's) WinFast PX9600 GT GeForce 9600 GT But I think it's some virus, some kind of Trojan or something.
  12. I do not think it is hilarious or funny. It is a serious problem which causes her life to ruin, so she needs help. Not funny at all. Poor humanoid. ( The Picklephobia carrier ( Mariah ) )
  13. Name 3 Bald characters that have a part (small or big) in the story line.
  14. On a cop's corpse or in LVPD's lockers. What type of a racer is Cesar Vialpando is?
  15. Every game I play just reboots after playing it a while. Sometimes I can play for 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes it reboots while loading it! Help.
  16. Tnx man , it looks even better than the green one
  17. Need another av upgrade This time, make it purple! Tnx.
  18. Into The Void - Polly Celtic Frost - Necromantical Screams Celtic Frost has been added to my "Top 5" Metal bands.
  19. Suffered from Autism? Nice name. "Wants a cracker?""Want some food" lols. Made me lol (the lyrics). The music it self is cool.
  20. People are stupid, very stupid, what can I say, it's not like we can go and collect them all in a place big enough for them all and then kill em all. Weird to think that when you are 18, your kid will be 9.
  21. "Managing Issues" he is Madd Dogg's Manager. What is the new album of Madd Dogg?
  22. Sounds like you are addicted. I still say NO, Cannabis should not be legalized. It is bad for the health no matter what you think it is. Then we need to criminalize tobacco and alcohol.... And bad for your health? Fine. Let's criminalize McDonald's and Burger King while we are at it. Why is it that smokers can't jeopardize their health((and help it at the same time, look it up, people)), but fat asses can eat at McDonald's everyday and get fatter and fatter while blaming it on genetics? This is bullshit. McDonald's and BK are bad for the health too, but smoking and alcohol are addictive while MD and BK are not (I think).
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