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  1. the gta III guy

    2 more PSP GTA games to come.

    ^hahaha owned, the fact the guy thinks microsoft is better than anything, proves he is a douche.
  2. the gta III guy

    Taxi in vice

    could you please learn to write properely? and use real words? not everyone speaks AOL,and saying "plz hlp m vce citte is ghey!!!!111" just makes you look stupid.english isn't everyone's first language. anyhoo, kaufman cabs are a different company to the others, so they drive slightly different cars. notice the "cabbie" doesn't say "kaufman cabs" on the side.
  3. the gta III guy

    can you get this to work?

    hi. on this site the texture mod dosn't work (it gives me a file size error). can any of you guys get it to work?, and if so, can you post your esperant.txd please? EDIT: i tryed emailing the author, and he hasn't replyed.
  4. the gta III guy

    level skip mod

    never mind
  5. the gta III guy

    level skip mod

    is there a level skip mod for III? i'm stuck on ray's 2nd misson and kenji's "grand theft auto" misson.