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  1. I like the Ballas. Their style is cool.
  2. Sorry for double post The Vance Crime Family doesn't carry Scorpions and the Sharks doesn't carry the MP5!
  3. I like the Smuggling and Drugs missions! They're great! hehe
  4. Hm, I like the Pastel Suit and the Smuggler Outfit.
  5. Does anybody know where to get a Sabre?
  6. No, you can't take the money in the truck. You only get the reward for stealing the truck. The reward must be the money in the truck...
  7. Favourite Gang: My own gang! They have great clothes and the best weapons! Just great! =) They are also a big drug cartel. :X Favourite Gang car: The Gang Rancher. I hate the Sharks, but their car is great!
  8. 1. High Wire 2. Light my Pyre 3. From Zero to Hero 4. Unfriendly Competition
  9. "Vance Crime Family", is that the real name of Vic's drug cartel?
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