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  1. I know that Ford has expanded to other countries other than the U.S.(montly Europe I believe), but has Chevy expanded aswell? Like, are there any Chevrolet vehicles in Europe, or even in other countries?
  2. I took my labtop home... and hooked it up to my cable modem... and now it's saying that I don't have an IP addrress, and that there's an "IP conflict with another computer on the Network" Yea...
  3. Over in the creativity part of the forum, somebody posted something about "Show Your PSP Background." I scrolled down and saw that Young Fools posted this. That got me thinking, should we have a part of the site where people can download PSP Backgrounds? Of course they would have to be GTA related, but still. If we added it to google, we might see more hits aswell (people searching for GTA backgrounds and come across The GTA Place). Just a thought.
  4. Well, at first it wasn't asking for a WEP Key, and now it is. I tried google, but nothing worked. And we do "nasty" things(not really) on the desktop we use anyways. I work at a ghetto ass cell phone company. It's just a little hole in the wall place, so I don't think we even have an IT guy...
  5. I'm at work and I have my labtop with me... I guess it has a wireless internet card in it because I did the "Network Setup" and it says I have an "excellent" connection, but if I try to go to a website, it won't work. Anybody know what I could do?
  6. I'm not too much of a fan either... but when I'm drowning, I become one.
  7. Yea, because even though they are sometimes suttle, people who know what they are talking about find it somewhat interesting. Like in Vice City on VCPR, how the preacher guy is talking about the Russians parachuting down and "kids running into the forest," or something like that. I do find it funny the things that they put into the game. The whole thing with The Truth was funny(especially when he tells Carl how he met Jethro and the other guy). I think in the next GTA, they should do something to help complete what the Green Goo was or just have it in the next game in general.
  8. The cut looks good, but the background needs work. It's not that the background is back, but it's just too simple. Looks good.
  9. I know LCS takes place before GTA3. BUT, there could have been something leading to the reason why he might have disappeared. Knowing R*, they could have added it in to complete the story(like they did in San Andreas). I guess there wasn't though, because you said there wasn't... so thanks for answering my question.
  10. Is he in GTA LCS? I'm re-playing GTA3, and just got done doing Donalds missions, and the last time you go to his building, you walk up their and he dissapears. I was just wondering if he's in GTA LCS and if they cover why might he had of dissapeared.
  11. I've had ONLY ONE problem with the program. He used Limewire to download a Kanye West song(he like Kanye) and when he downloaded it, it was already in .mp4 format. He used the program anyways to put it on the PSP, and when it's completed, it doesn't show up on the PSP, even when we go to the folder where it is located and shows up there(on the PC of course). So yea, if any of you know the answer for this one... it would be appreciated.
  12. Eh, I tried the 3GP converter thingy... and it didn't work. I tried putting the file into the little box... so I'm just getting the one that Spaz said he uses.
  13. Thanks guys. You answered the question I was going to ask next(about what program should I use to convert). So, um, yea. I also got my first "look" at the GTA:LCS. Didn't get to play it though. He made me handle with all the customers while he sat back and played games.
  14. We're not trying to hook up to the internet. We're just trying to get videos(like music videos) from the PC to the PSP. But we don't know what format the video has to be in to work on the PSP.
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