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  1. Well, I downloaded a mod called GTA Lost Angelz and it is very good but I want to add a Skin Mod that changes a ped and I did it but when I started GTA, all you see is the ped that I modded was completely white, it's like he was blank Why did that happen????? Please reply!!!
  2. What about Grand Theft Auto : London Stories??? Yeah actually it's better than New York and nearly all previous GTA's was with a city in the U.S.A. and London isn't in U.S.A. so it would look good (The underground would be sick). Grand Theft Auto : London stories or Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas stories. :thumbsup:
  3. I think Grand Theft Auto : London Stories sounds good for a new city and if it would be the whole London then I would probably see my house because I live in london. :thumbsup: If they are planning to stick with the old cities then I would go for san Andreas because it is the only city with a desert and forests. Thats what I think would be good.
  4. I think Grand Theft Auto : New York Stories would look good!!! As the name says it : It is based in New York!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  5. Well then where is the link of your game??? What is it called??? :thumbsup:
  6. Yeah, I'll try that. Thanks :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks man but on Youtube I saw people in jail, I think they used DECREASE GRAVITY or something like that.
  8. Nope, you can only go inside a already half-opened cell but I need to get to the cell where the cell is locked fully. But thanks anyway.
  9. Hey Guys, I just want to make a movie but in my movie CJ has to be in jail but I don't how to make him be in jail. Maybe there is a teleporter coordinates or something. What do you think? Thanks
  10. I'm using FRAPS aswell it is good but the bad thing is that you can't record the sound, only the video.
  11. Hey guys, I just want to know how to make mods for GTA SA, I know how to edit the maps but I don't know how to make character skins, guns or cars?
  12. Hi guys, i have been reading your conversetion and i have heard that one of you want to create NEW GTA! I mean that will take a long time!
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