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  1. Conker

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    Vrock is the best!!!! My fav would be I wanna rock! by twisted sister
  2. Conker

    Favorite Weapon

    there's nothing better than your good ol' fist!!!! a good knuckles first can have peds pushing up daisies and is cool to use... apart from that... the minigun!!!, the m4 and the S.P.A.S. 12!!! more then enough power. and to take personal revenge; the nightstick, oh hell yeah oh and the mac was awesome too. too bad thy didn't give it a cooler sound though
  3. I'm surprised you didn't include Umberto... he made you do all that crap while was trying to get layed and then take kare of poppa.(and he says he has big cojones..) damn.. I don't kmow why so many people hat cortez?? he was sort of cool, he apreciates your efforts pays you well and gives you a cool speeder, he wasn't like that 900 pond son of a bitch poulet who made you drink some elixir crap tht made you get a deja-vu xperience, made you do dumb shit( those planes were freaking hard!!!) and then says she don't want you in town no more. hell, I'm glad the kubans won..... lance was a bastard.. but you did kinda force him though... cuz when you kill diaz the mansion is renamed "vercetti estate" and no mention of vance, lance, or quentin on anything....I mean i wouldnt like that to happen to me..... but the bastard I think should be most hated is steve scott and kent paul... they do wierd shit and dont help much....
  4. hi guys, first off, i wanna tell you all that this site rox ass!! it's probably the greatest site there is on GTA. but now i wanna ask fur a favor.. can someone please tell me where i can get another audio folder??? or kan someone please copy theirs and let me paste it?? pleae I'm desperate. My audio folder crashed while I was playing Vice... I was playing fine but then the power when out on my house, and my folder wouldn't play them.. they work out of the game well, but I cant fix the problem in the game, and I don't wanna mod it or nothin cus I'm not that good at that stuff.. so can someone please help me out????