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  1. Whether or not you like invisionboard..I bet you that forum or a lot of invisionboards have a lot more active members then this forum!
  2. Relax we just started it the day I posted the ad for the forum it looks better know and it has 29 members...
  3. Hey guyz my friend juss started his own forum so plz check it out and register there...to check it out (Click Here)
  4. Its a pretty ok forum juss need some modifications..
  5. yea maybe your right...but you shoud think bout lowering the price for the interest increasers, it is way too high...
  6. yes I noticed that as well and there are so many registered members and der is like anyone ever on..
  7. well Ill look into to it buh maybe ill join afta a couple of adjustments are made...
  8. I agree the shop is not looking its best and the interest increase is way to high I think its rediculous for it to be that high..admins should think of lowing it and doing something to make the shop look better..
  9. I would make the catgegories look nicer more organized add more categories to keep members interested in the forum..so if you want help let me no...
  10. ill register only wen u get atleast a couple of more members
  11. Hell yea, im sure of it...People don realize how hard and how much work Rockstar puts into making this dam game and all people are looking for are bad things about GTA SA and ways to crack on the game...
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