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  1. Skimmer

    Nintendo Wii

    yes, hilarious... if you're 8 years old.
  2. Skimmer

    Nintendo Wii

    Oddly though, Wii has only got a next to it, but it hasn't got a registered trademark next to it, ®. Nintendo normally would do that with their console names, and funnily enough E3 is just over two weeks away. Hmmm....
  3. Skimmer

    Rockstar sued for hiding sexual content

    They just don't give up do they? Though it's funny how they find sex to be worse than murder .
  4. Skimmer

    MTA: SA released!

    Finally grasped how to navigate around the map editor. This is just amazing.
  5. Skimmer

    MTA: SA released!

    Okay sorry, just excited is all . 3 minutes 30 seconds to go.
  6. Skimmer

    MTA: SA released!

    So the client will be up for download when the countdown clock reaches zero or the server up for download when the client reaches zero? I'm just too excited about this, been waiting so long... Of course Kudos to all involved in the making of this .
  7. Skimmer

    R* Screwed up this time?

    No, GTAIII was set in 2001. Before the game was released, R* said this. In magazines, it says this. It probably does in game as well, probably at the start but I can't remember. Rockstar also said that Liberty City Stories will take place three years before GTAIII. Do the math, three years before GTAIII, that's 1998, so we know from this that GTAIII's events took place in 2001.
  8. Skimmer

    Funny ragdoll pics

    To answer your question, upload the image from your computer to an image hosting site, like Imageshack. It should all be rather self-explanotory from now, but you just copy the thumbnail link for thumbnails, or the ''Hotlink for forums'' link and paste it into a post. Oh and nice pics here people!
  9. Skimmer

    Bad Game

    (part In bold) Where do you base that fact on? As far as I remember GTA and GTA2( I have delibrately left out GTA:London, because it was NOT made by Rockstar but by a different development team, I don't know the fine details but Rockstar gave them permission(?). ) were some of the most highly anticipated games for psone at the time, so yes they were popular back then before GTAIII. At the time, we went crazy for these top down gta games, we never would've imagined anything better. Then we hear 3D gta for a new console and we are wetting our pants in excitement. @Topic Starter: There's absolutely nothing wrong with not liking the game, everyone is entitled to their own opinion after all. However you should always include reasons why you don't like the game to put a bit of content into the topic. .
  10. Skimmer


    My favourite rapper is 2pac. I agree with Sabin here, the lyrics actually meant something. Nowadays it's some 50cent rapping about ho's and more ho's in every song, the guy has even released his own line of sex toys. @Tyler: I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic, because I really cannot tell, but if you're serious, then lmao. You consider true rap to be saying as much swear words as you can, and being black? Wow.
  11. Skimmer

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi everyone, i'm new here. I visit the site for info and downloads etc., but I thought I might as well join up and say a hi to everyone here. I'm a member of a forums that I already visit regularly, but I'll drop in here every once in a while.
  12. Skimmer

    Three Years of The GTA Place

    Congratulations on three years, i'm new here but visit the site regularly to check on updates, and I must say it's great.