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    Create your next character

    Name:Ryan Tasser Age:24 Nationality:USA Current Location:Los Angeles(Los Santos) but remade completely Previous Occupation:a simple man, with a simple job.... *Attire:grey blouse or t-shirt ,black casual pants, black shoes, medium dark hair *Fighting Style:street *Gang:no gang at the beginning but getting involved with few later History:A good man ,simple man with a job ,trying to have a live but one day he was at the wrong place at the wrong time . Some gang guy was going to kill a women and her husband, moment went Ryan was going home. A withness saw him passing by and so he got in jail. With some luck, in the midle of a riot he got away, so he runs to Los Angeles to dissapear. *Artwork:n/a
  2. Fall_0ut_b0y

    GTA:Future Time is real!

    OMG ! If they will do that they will ruin the series and lose all the're fans! GTA is suposed to be a remake of real life and that's what the costumers want to see and play. I think i'm gonna stay at SA and VC cause it seems to me that they are developing from a while only awful games! the games aren't what they were before. SA is the best!!
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    Next GTA Location

    For GTA 5 would be awesome if the would make it in Tokyo. It would awesome with those bick sky-skrappers and everything But, because i liked SA alot it would be cool to remake it . Anyway ,I think it will be long until the next GTA .... you know , SA was launched in 2005 and GTA IV in 2008 and 2009 on PC. So it will be more than 4 years until the launch of it
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    How to mod myself my gta IV?

    Hey! I posted here wondering if someone could help me. i'm trying for days to edit some t-shirts and the caracter but i just can't do it ! If anyone knows how to do that post here plzzzzzz. you might name some programs if needed... THANKS !!!!!!