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  1. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=121314 Hope this is the guide thing you was looking for??
  2. But does the sound work ok and everything?Like engine sounds?
  3. You might have installed it wrong?? Delete it and try installing it again.
  4. It says there is a page load error when i click on the link
  5. If we got the mod,could we change any of the files so we could have like our own custom tatoo's (BTW great mod)
  6. Dude that would be extremely cool! Hopefully someone will make it
  7. What are the root files in?? Like what folder?
  8. Did you actually get a mod to work on v3 or do you need something to downgrade to v1 to get it to work??
  9. Do you have something what can downgrade v3 to v1? If you do,please send it to me
  10. I cannot mod because i have got v3.00 but i have not noticed any downgraders from v3.00 to v1.00. If you have one please could you post it?? Edit:I have got the steam version of it (i bought and downloaded off steam)
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