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  1. There is some kind of thing that you replace to make it 1.o again, or its unchangeable? Im very concern . Acgla
  2. That's Fair. (Not sarcastically) ¿That can happen? Im not saying not to use cheats, only that use the allmyghty ones is kinda boring sometimes. Not going too far i beat High Stakes, Low Rider, Wu Zi Mu and Monster using cheats. You know, the most rapid way to go across the state is by car, yeah, car, you only have to type VPJTQWV to spawn a hotring, then type SPEEDFREAK to get NOS in all cars, next type RIPAZHA to fly, so fly and use the nitrous on the air and you'll get there real fast, the problem is land... But this thread is not about cheats, its about helping this dude.
  3. I really dont like to use Cheats in missions when is not necessary, to beat the mission where big smoke have to take down the mexicans, just get their same speed, and then get a litle far so big smoke wont shot at the train instead of the mexicans. I just remenber, ¿you dont need all big smoke missions to do the Doberman mission where you take over a territory at glen park? i ask because someone here advice Jack Spade to go to Ammu-Nation. If you wanna use cheats, dont use Baguvix, it sucks, takes all the fun, instead use hesoyam, that fulls your life, give you a body armor and 250 Grand. The house party mission was very simple for me, just get a Saw-off Gun, get Hitman level with this gun and search for the maximun ammunition, if you want you can wear a body armor. Acgla
  4. ¿What kind of camera are you using? Well, if it shows you side views, upviews and front views, is that you are using Film Camera, just change it pushing V or if it only show you side sides im thinking might be pressing Q or E. Acgla
  5. Those are simple ones, the dillimore station simple you only have to go slowly and carefully, the liquor store in blueberry is a bit more complicated but, if you use a powerfull weapon and a kicking ass aiming you will defeat them, the gambling shop in i-dont-know its really simple and the bank could make you some trouble but nothing to worry about, next to that is a race, it is called Farewell my love, and its the same race that wu zi mu but inversed, the point is you use a zr-350 and thats the most crap car for races (not really). Thankyou Acgla
  6. Hey, i just got the same problem with Farewell, my love, but is simple once you know the road and what not to do. You know, if i could i'll do the mission for you, but your Rar is damaged, i dont know, its corrupt. If you want i could make you one but you wont have all the stuff you have now. Contact me by my personal email: [email protected] or by this post. Oh, i almost forget, if you need any other mission just send me a message or an email. Thankyou Acgla
  7. Well, the badlands mission is the one where you have to kill some kind of witness, pulaski want it dead because he saw pulaski's manners. At the end, you get a call from cesar, when it's done some sign appear, the sign is a interrogation "?", however, i see you dont get the call, it happens to me 3 days ago, not with that particular mission, what i did was this, keep out of cars, bikes, boats, planes, jetpacks etc, and wait until it call you, kill the time, i dont know, for example you can kill people meanwhile you dont get the call, an it gives you some money.
  8. I got a list of easter eggs, too large to post, i'll put it in the upload. A few days ago, someone tell me about some kind of Big Foot or Sasquasch in the countryside of San andreas, he told me something about big foot that he doesn't fight you only shows and dissapear, i hear too about the cj's mom ghost, about a giant anaconda in san fierro, the alcatraz jail near san fierro, ghost car, planes that crashes into the dessert and ovnis in the same area. I dont believe this things, but i know there is ghost car, near whetstone, angel pine or mount chiliad, in the countryside, i was in mountain, or whatever like a mountain but smaller, i was in a sanchez and from the nothing a old car, just like the pimp one but is not, was riding down and hit me, with it lights on and when i get close, it have no rider, and i look everywhere with a gun, you know maybe the rider had money, so i saw nothing, nothing running, and i didnt see any bodies jumping when i use the bazooka. Well, i have see some other things, like that guy in the like taking pictures an then killing himself going into the water. I heard of a cult and im interested in that, and i have been told that theres a web page of that cult, someone can send it to me, i dont know, by private message or in this post. Acglaphotis Easter_Eggs..doc
  9. I dont cheat for the missions, every mission, except "High Stakes, Low Rider" and "Wu Zi Mu", all the another ones are clean, sure i use cheats, but not for the history line, just for fun, like the cheat what make every person a triad, all cars are black and there are many pcj-600, bf-400 and fcr-900, i sure made it like 1000 times, no because i want to get a mission passed, just because i like the bikes and i like katanas, the only problem i got is the damn race. Or maybe the next races. Acglaphotis
  10. Thanks, im trying to modify the car to make it like a sanchez but i dont make a big thing. This race, eventually, is going to destroy me. Acglaphois
  11. Hi, im new at this forum, and i dont know much of it, :whistle:but i really like any type of help. Here's my problem, i have been playing and i past ryder's last mission almost monday, now im in the countryside mission and i have to say it: they are simpler than some mission in los santos, so, im in the mission"Farewell, my love", but i suck at racing mission, i dont use very much tricks, but in the races of Cesar, i use the trick "Jcnruad" to make every car in my way explode and my car did not explode, but in this mission, with that stupid zr-350 or whatever, it DOES explode, so im kinda stuck in here, so i been looking for help i think here i could get some. I leave my save if someone wants to help, if thats the case, please let the save here in this post, or at my e-mail [email protected] i will be very thank full. Acglaphotis P.s: Don't jugde me but before i was playing mission i make the police chase me for fun and i use very times the cheat "Hesoyam" that's the reason for the 80 million $ P.s2: Im sorry the file is in RAR extension, i could not find ZIP extension program. GTASAsf1.rar
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