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  1. I found MSN really laim people are like "Oh soz jezza lol tat wis funi soz g2g" it doesn't make any sence trust me stay on forums. and on msn people just type in any hotmail (thats a laim name) and they can say stuff to them it could be a guy pretending to be a girl and you could get to know him then meet then he stabes you 50 times chops off ya nutters feeds em to his dog then brings you back to his home were he locks you up in a room feeds you only to make you alive so he can rape you every day and night then forces you to tell him were your family lives then raipes them aswell and kills them then after a few years he finally shoots you in the head you can still go on MSN if you really want to but just say forums are better then MSN.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA baned on 99 posts you n00b
  3. firefox is wasome if you dont have it get it
  4. for christmas I got. ps2. -hitman 2 -vice city -the punisher -JAK X -God Of War -virtua cop -guncon 2 PC -half-life opposing force -half-life blue shift -team fortress classic -counter-strike I wanted battlefield 2 and CoD 2 but my perants forgot
  5. dude, it's jason go to the site on the first post and one of the screens is of him tell me if thats the guy
  6. but the best weapon of all is hammer from vice city. ahhhh.
  7. that kind of thing always happens to me but I still think vice city is the best san andreas is good but I didnt like the towns they felt to small and I got annowed with always having to feed CJ. what happens with me is when I get a new game lets just say it is a war game I will get uppsesed with it and will say that it's the best game ever but I get bored after a week or two then after I get bored I end up always going back to either Vice City or San Andreas or another GTA but GTA will aalways be my favorite games
  8. my favorite is just buisness that mission is so fun
  9. Loonies for me I like them because the cars they drive had a smiley face on it and they were like drug addicts
  10. Lewi

    NFS Most Wanted

    at my local game store they they have these new controllers with car rims on them they look awsome but the best bit is there FREE when you buy the game
  11. Lewi


    you trippen buster I am new to this stuff so cut me some slak or ill cut you BIATCH!!!!!!
  12. my favorites are: 1.AK-47 2.M4 3.Action Shotgun 4.Sawn-Off shotgun 5.Shotgun 6.Chainsaw 7.Uzi 8Desert Eagle 9.stachel charges 10.Molitove Cocktails
  13. Of coures they will say that PS3 is gonna be better then Xbox 360 they dont even know that for sure they just saying that because its a playstation mag they cant just go Xbox 360 is gonna be better PS3 in a playstation mag nobody will buy the mag if they read that I wanna get both the same.
  14. Lewi

    Im Back

    wuddup aemboy15 50 cent is a poof
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