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  1. how can i post it in these shops
  2. Choose your footballer of the month this is a chance to apariciate your best footballer's work so don't get late quick vote
  3. I Think Manchester United Will be winners because they have some great players in their team 1) Christiano Ronaldo 2) Gray Neville 3) Micheal Carrick 4) Carlos Tevez 5) Edwin Dar Sar 6) Paul Schols What you Think
  4. hi guys i joined the forums 2 days ago and i want a new signature please if you can make signature please make 1 for me big smoke is my favorite character in game so i want big smoke picking up a ak 47 in my signature and my name Cobra some where please make my signature
  5. thanks eazy for supporting me i'm very happy that you r a muslim acording to islam you r my brother
  6. Bullshit. You can't call it the greatest, because if you only believe in Islam, then you wouldn't acknowlage any others to be in the 'greatest list'. sorry my mistake i'm really very sorry if i hearted some one sorry
  7. I'm a strong muslim and have a strong believe in God and his last prophet Hazrat Muhummed(SAW) and all prophets which god had sent to earth for showing right path of virtue Islam is the greatest religion and Allah is greatest
  8. my answer will definatly NO because my religion ISLAM do not allow this
  9. i would like to meet in my real life chris and sky they r my favorite
  10. i think charecters should be american and totally new
  11. hi every one i just join the forums greets
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