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  1. You need to change the face in the haircut files. Like you want a different face with cornrows, than you need to change the cornrow hairstyle img file.
  2. What is the real life name of the Shotgun?
  3. To get Ray Machowsky to the Airport. What is the name of the mission where Kamikaze's attack you?
  4. Oh, I didn't noticed he posted. Cargobob, Hunter, Leviathan, Maverick, News Chopper, Police Maverick, Raindance, Sea Sparrow, Sparrow What's Flash?
  5. In Las Venturas Airport, in San Fierro Airports and in Los Santos Airport. What is the name of the plane that is hidden in the hangar of Las Venturas Airport?
  6. No. What type of pants wears the thug in the blue skully hat?
  7. I hate parodies. The only parody I loved was "Scary Movie 1", the rest are shit. Like this one.
  8. In the alley between the lawyers office and a building 0.o What does P.I.G. means?
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