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  1. Dennies

    Word Association

  2. Dennies

    Your piccys..

    dude, i don't know who you're mistaking me for, but i've never been on here before now.
  3. Dennies

    Sexiest Member 2005 Poll

    um. what do you think goth is? it's just a fashion label now. you have long black hair, black clothes, black trenchcoat... oh and can you honestly say if we called some guy attractive irl that we wouldn't be called gay?
  4. Dennies

    Introduce Yourself..

    thanks for the welcome. i voted in that topic too.
  5. Dennies

    Word Association

  6. Dennies

    Your piccys..

    well i might as well post my picture. this is me.
  7. Dennies

    Smash your body parts on the keyboard ...

    x53deute57yetdhbtbgfbbffb the first time i did it i closed the window somehow.
  8. Dennies

    Sexiest Member 2005 Poll

    i'm going to have to go with spaz. i like the whole goth thing. the bloody picture is funny too.
  9. Dennies

    Coke Vs. pepsi

    it looks like i'm outnumbered. i like pepsi better.
  10. Dennies

    What are you currently playing?

    i'm playing call of duty right now.
  11. Dennies

    What did you get for Christmas?

    is it just me or do grandparents always give a lot of clothes for presents?
  12. Dennies

    Introduce Yourself..

    hi, i'm dennis, but everyone calls me denny. i've been visiting the site for a little while but just now joined the forums. i'm new to forums in general so go easy on me. oh, and happy new years.