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  1. Thanks but my file is hidden in sfx.something file..look i wanted to change the sound of faggio to that of angel's...got any software to do that...i gues no!!
  2. I want more bumpy and jumpy place to ride my car....like a country side.. AND PLEASE the new GTA must be something that works in all pc's..Not too much graphics like san andreas.....Still there are many guys who still dont have gta san andreas also gtaIV..so if the new GTA is having more graphics then sure we all must upgrade our pc to work the game......i would also like more harleys!!
  3. pleeeaaassssseeeee approve my tom jack skin pack 2 mod....its been 2 weeeks now ....pleeeeeeeeess.!!else i ll sumbit in some other site..i juzt hate this waiting...there isnt soo much for approving..maximmum 3 files a day right?? i cant beleive this...2 weekss..ufffff!!!!!ahhhhhhhh..
  4. Hey Man just copy and paste the skin file in -gtaviceity(directory in program files)/skins....now check out! dont beleive that free guy,,,,gud luck for your modding. coz itz a slow poison,,,,you wont stop doing it .....haaaaaaaa
  5. Hai..please approve my file named Tom jack skins pack 2 which i have uploaded recently..Thanks for approving my first uploaded mod..similiar to that this i.e the second skin pack is also created by me..Please approve it.Thanks.
  6. I got a important situation.I wanted to change the sound of 1 of the vehicles in vice city to one like that of banshee..vrroooom....can anyobody pls help me how can i edit sound of vehicles in vice city????pleeeeeeeeess PLLEAsE REPLY
  7. I have uploaded a player mod for gta vice city namely Tom Jack.Please approve it.I have uploaded since 2 days.Still there is no sign of any approvals.I ASSURE YOU THAT THIS IS CREATED BY MYSELF.BELIEVE ME AND IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY VIRUS. Thank you!
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