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  1. Justin Bieber. It would put a dent in the fanboy population.
  2. TUN3R

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    Yeah my bad, thanks.
  3. TUN3R

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    To the internet cafe to check my e-mail, then maybe get a fictional girlfriend or hang out with the cousin I never wanted. That's the core of the game after all.
  4. TUN3R

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    That's not true! I said a lot of nice things about Rockstar. Like the fact that they are the best at fooling the suckers and taking their money, or that they can brainwash even the most rational person and turn them into a fanboy / girl like noone else can! Anyway you seem to be forgetting that they delivered three shitty PC ports one after the other in the last few years, and not because they made mistakes like every other human being, but because they didn't give a shit, if they had, they'd have ported the games (or better yet, developed them alongside the console versions AS IT SHOULD BE) themselves instead of handing them over to some cheap Canadian studio with no experience whatsoever. The pattern is the same with GTA V, they delay the PC version and release the console versions first cause a lot of console players will buy PC version afterwards, in addition to the console version they already own (two-for-one sale, fact) whereas vice-versa, nein. Then when the console version sales start dropping they begin work on a low-budget, poorly optimized PC port which sells anyway cause people are f*cking stupid and take Rockstar's word for it instead of trying the game first. I'm all too predictable.
  5. TUN3R

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    IGN have standards? That's new. Anyway, I admit I see a lot of stuff here I ether missed from GTA SA or always wanted in GTA. Wish Rockstar weren't such assholes...
  6. Breaking new ground? Oh by slowing the plot down with family and such? Sorry to disappoint you but that's nothing new. People like giving Rockstar undeserved credit. On a side note, Franklin apears to wear a lot of green... and isn't that Compton at 2:14? Huh, might be something to that Grove Street bullshit after all...
  7. Looks like they finally got to working on the vehicles... I'll assume that's a "best for last" strategy rather than a "story first, game second" strategy.
  8. Xbox and Windows are two different platforms, no matter how hard Microsoft works to change that, make a new Games For Windows Live account.
  9. TUN3R

    Join Kifflom for a chance to be in GTAV

    Think I'll stick with Philosotology, at least that keeps me out of jail. Litteraly.
  10. TUN3R

    Files Needed (iOS)

    I have the PC version... will those work? Let's find out... ^^ Yeah that's the plan, though I can't seem to. Okay... Provide a link if you can find the file. Oh that won't happen. What you think people host random game files? I was gonna upload mine but I have no idea where they are located.
  11. TUN3R

    Files Needed (iOS)

    I have the PC version... will those work? Let's find out... ^^ Yeah that's the plan, though I can't seem to.
  12. TUN3R

    New GTA V Previews Coming 2nd May

    Here's all of them in a nutshell: "GTA V is going to be the best thing to have ever existed. take our totally-not-paid-by-Rockstar word for it and buy it when it comes out!" You're welcome.
  13. TUN3R

    Files Needed (iOS)

    I have the PC version... will those work?
  14. TUN3R

    New GTA V Trailers Coming 30th April!

    I can haz gameplay trailer?
  15. TUN3R

    Files Needed (iOS)

    Mods? They work on the iOS version?