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  1. Learning Russian :)

    1. b-dog


      guy pass me a tutorial on how to convert the peds gta iv guy please I beg I've already learned td just need to convert thanks!

    2. b-dog


      if possible add in my email>> pedro.barug @ hotmail.com thanks again!

  2. Thanks Samil, and yeah, I have talked to Batuhan before, he has previously stolen my mod, so I don't trust him either.

  3. Hey, thanks Samil, I'm not sure why I have Reputation of -8... Although I'm pretty sure I know who did it, but I really shouldn't go pointing the finger. GUIANE ADAM, I thought I made it clear in my ped conversion topic that I don't take requests. That means, don't request. Thankyou.

  4. To your comment on my profile, I can't model my own peds from scratch, I can only convert from GTAIV to GTASA.

  5. You're a Christian? Same!

  6. You got The Orange Box? That's awesome!

  7. Hello everybody! Welcome to my profile! :D

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