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  1. To your comment on my profile, I can't model my own peds from scratch, I can only convert from GTAIV to GTASA.

  2. Sparks47

    my latest mods for vice city

    good, these are my latest mods I do for vc :'( not perfect but very entertaining Here you will find my mods, choose the one you like best My mods BYE
  3. hi men i need help... you know create your own peds? or you only can convert from another gta?

    please answerme on my profile.

  4. Sparks47

    Your most favorite GTA game.

    GTA VC the best ever, I love its atmosphere, its history really is a lot like the movie "Scarface" and how easy it is to edit jejeje.
  5. Am a Tommy Vercetty fan

  6. Sparks47

    How to make a ped

    Please, Please, I need help about how to make a 3d model of a ped or one tutorial of this. PD: NEED A WRITTEN NOT A VIDEO TUTORIAL.
  7. Sparks47

    Need some help

    ami me paso eso cuando intente correr el gta sa con un pc que tenia 32 megas e tarjeta de video