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  1. Radiosity tutorials? Do you mean prelighting my map? Well, I already have vans123 on the job of doing that! He is doing a SUPER job with that! As you can see, the russian clothes shop is prelighted, inside and out!
  2. ParoXum? No, I don't even think he would convert stuff from IV to SA, it's just me, vans123 and noelgamo at the moment. But noelgamo can't do anything until he gets IV so he can convert. But he'll be in the team when he gets IV.
  3. Updates!!! BTW, I am going to post new updates HERE instead of my wesite. New road (With this new road came the ground at the front of LOMBANK finally!): Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6, Pic 7, Pic 8, Pic 9 Interior for Russian clothes shop (One near first safehouse): Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6 - Ryan Wilson
  4. OK, rest of the diner interior is done, and there's a dynamic door (just for you n00bs out there, it means you can push it open) and some of the interior for the russian clothes shop is done! Uploading pictures soon!
  5. It's perfectly fine. He's showing us his work, not spam adverting his site. I'd love to see, but it appears he's already removed the link.... Here's the link everybody! ivbroker2sa.webs.com
  6. Thanks Huckleberry Pie and Spider-Vice! I was thinking about the pictures, and I thought I would just link you guys to my site! Much easier for me, seeing as I uploaded ***190*** in-game screen-shots of the mod! By the way, my first thoughts on the mod as you all know from the first post was just gonna be converting GTAIV's Broker to GTASA, so my site has still got the title GTAIV's Broker to SA, but DON'T be deceived, it is not that, but it is: GTAIV to GTASA! Anyway, drool over these pics! My Website - Ryan Wilson
  7. Hey everybody, I am rwils79 from GTAForums.com and the rules on that site won't allow me to host my mod, or show anything of it there, due to conversion rules. Anyway, I have decided to host my mod for everyone to enjoy here on thegtaplace.com! It first started off as me sitting at my laptop thinking: "I want to convert Broker to SA! Yeah! That's a good idea!" So, by the time I had converted a few blocks of buildings from Broker, I thought to myself: Somebody's got to convert the whole GTAIV map to GTASA at some point, and I've done this much and I'm not stopping now, why don't I just go ahead and convert the whole map? (I know it's gonna take a LONG, LONG time!). So far, I have converted a decent amount of Broker (Or at least what's decent in my eyes!), the whole of Broker Bridge and a bit of Algonquin, the but that's as soon as you get off Broker Bridge. I'll be uploading lots of pics for you guys to WOW at soon! The team is as follows: Ryan W - Me, the guy who started it all, the leader/founder and converter for this (awesome ) mod. vans123 - Converter and prelighter. noelgamo - Converter. -When he gets his hands on a copy of GTAIV PC. Huckleberry Pie - GUI (Graphical User Interface) artist, load-screen converter and GXT editor. gtasearcher - Advanced scripter, audio converter/editor, game start-up data hacker, graphics designer (along with Huckleberry Pie) and command-line programmer. magicsl33 - Animation creator/converter. Kogenta - 5 years Photoshop experience, graphics artist and texture enhancer/creator.
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