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  1. Alright everybody! vans123 is making the second video update! Hang tight! (It will be awesome!)
  2. WOW man, you truly are gifted with animations! If you want in, you're in! I'd love to have you in the team magics! I'll update the first page with your details. If you would like me to make any changes to your details (as to what you'll be doing in the team) just PM me!
  3. Not at the moment, no. I think johnathon956 is trying to make a few anims. Although, johnathon956 is one of the audio converters and he's a basic scripter, I don't think I saw animation creator there, no. I think I'll contact magicsl33.
  4. Batuhan(Arthurâ„¢)! Please just get off this topic now! I don't want any more of your spam here! I'm sure everyone else in the team will say the same! Please, just get off this topic, that is all I ask of you. Sorry about the delay with the updates guys, they will be here soon, I assure you.
  5. 'Nah' is basically 'no'. I think he means the video, am I right? If I'm right, vans'll release the video when he's going to. EDIT: Oh and vans, congratulations for finding out how to convert those 'broken' files, and can you please PM me with your method of converting them? Thanks!
  6. That is vans123. Now, can we please not fill up this topic with spam? Thanks guys!
  7. Yes, those screenshots are of this mod, and paranoid.android has PM'd me on GTAForums.com, he is bad! He was an accomplice to the dude who first stole my mod when I first decided to do Bohan (The Bronx). So, please don't talk about those screenshots anymore, or any of those dudes like paranoid.android who is actually Batuhan (YouTube account: BosnianRichie) believe it or not! He said so himself to me on GTAForums.com PM! There will be updates soon people! You won't have to wait much longer!
  8. Well john, in my honest opinion, having snow in Liberty City is just stupid (no offense). Remember, this mod is about converting GTAIV to GTASA. Does GTAIV have snow? No. Simple, we're not having snow.
  9. Here's mine: It's crap, and yet we have to pay $80 a month for it. BigPond...
  10. Well then, yes, they are rigged! And, I really can't assign every single vertex to each bone, simply because the peds are too high poly, lol. I just don't really know how to do it. But they do work fine as far as I've tested, I've currently got the GTAIV FIB as my GTASA FBI dudes and the GTAIV Cops as my GTASA Cops, by the way, this is all in-game, tested and working fine!
  11. Rigged? I've heard quite a few people ask that, and they all think the term "rigged" means something else... So, what exactly do you mean by "rigged"? If you mean every vertex assigned to a bone, then no, but they should be fine, just tell me if one's not, and I'll try to fix it asap.
  12. First of all, I think I should thank: TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting For (obviously) hosting all of my renders! FYI: All of my ped conversions are rigged Just download whatever ped(s) you want, rename the downloaded .dff and .txd to whatever ped you want to replace, and then backup the original (stock) SA ped and replace it with mine! Have fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Females: Converted - f_m_business_01: Render: Click Download: f_m_business_01 Converted - f_m_business_02: Render: Click Download: f_m_business_02 Converted - f_m_chinatown: Render: Click Download: f_m_chinatown Converted - f_m_pbusiness: Render: Click Download: f_m_pbusiness -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Males: Converted - m_y_gbik_hi_02: Render: Click Download: m_y_gbik_hi_02 Converted - SWAT: Render: Click Download: SWAT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission-related: Converted - Anna Faustin: Render: Click Download: Anna Faustin Converted - Anthony Prince: Render: Click Download: Anthony Prince Converted - Badman: Render: Click Download: Badman Converted - Luis Lopez Render: Click Download: Luis Lopez ENJOY!
  13. OK then, Huck. john, remove the link to Huck's GUI in your quote please. Everyone, screenies will be coming once vans fixes his PC.
  14. Huckleberry Pie you realy should delete the link from there and pm'ed it to us Hey john, instead of quoting all of that, try just quoting what you need, like me Yeah, Huckleberry Pie, take down the link and just PM it to those who you are giving it to. Thanks mate.
  15. Hey guys, when I was on GTAGarage.com, I tried to post a mod that had the same title as this one, and it didn't go too well. The mod was taken down a few hours later, and I was given a warning by a moderator that it's not allowed. Whoops. Anyway, since this site has such nice moderators (That won't close this topic down), I decided to share it with you guys! I also have another project that I'm working on, GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion, but doing this ped conversion won't limit me or delay me with the other one, so don't worry! So, I'll be converting as many peds from GTAIV as I can, I might even convert ALL of them! Nearly every ped has their own props that go with them. For example, some woman from Chinatown might have a pair of grey glasses and a blue hat (just an example!) and another might have a pair of glasses with a red frame and a orange cap. I'll probably be converting 1 ped a day (Because of my other projects that I'm working on!) I'll also be posting a pic of them too! Anyway, I hope you enjoy them!
  16. GUYS, guys, don't start an argument here, seriously. Also, johnathon956, man, don't be so harsh on other people, by the way, sorry to burst your bubble, but you're not the leader of this mod, I am. About your argument guys, do you see the Moderators arguing over petty things like that? No! Of course not! They are practically role-models to us (am I right there?), so my point is, don't argue over stupid things! It's not that hard!
  17. Just letting you guys in on the progress, we are currently converting Brucie's "Executive Lifestyle Autos" and the WHOLE interior to go with it. Sorry, but there are no pictures as of yet, but when we're done the building+interior I will post more pics!
  18. Everybody, we have a new addition to the team! Huckleberry Pie!
  19. Here it is guys!!!!! The video is all done thanks to vans123!
  20. By the way, just to let you guys know, you will be helping the GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion mod by assisting johnathon956 with this mission, and he's using DYOM to create it.
  21. me rwils79 and noelgamo (when he gets iv) and vans123 will do our best to never let this mod die johnathon956, this mod will never die. It's just not gonna happen the way we are going. BTW, I didn't really want to keep all of you guys waiting for the video tomorrow, so I decided to upload a few pics! I hope you enjoy! Just some random pics (sorry for the heat haze, I don't know how to turn it off, lol): Inside the diner Approaching the Broker Navy Yard Roman's Taxi Service, interior is coming soon! 4 Working on the railway tracks Look at this! The sidewalk drains are 3D! How cool is THAT? Rockstar sure do add even the little details to things! 7, 8, 9 The boat that starts it all, the Platypus 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Again, sorry for the heat haze. Yeah MrLlamaLlama, +1 for that comment (Because of the pinning)!
  22. Guess what guys? vans123 is hard at work making a video of this mod that will be available tomorrow for you guys to watch! I will edit this post when it's ready! BTW, I uploaded a avatar of me! And a photo on my profile of course! Also, which signature image do you guys like best? The bigger one or the smaller one? I personally prefer the smaller one, since it looks better, but most of all because the picture is taken (in IV obviously) at the place that we are actually converting at the moment!
  23. Hello everybody! Welcome to my profile! :D

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